Big challenges, real solutions: Rosalyn Glenn on what it will take to get the job done

This profile of Rosalyn Glenn, Democratic candidate for State Treasurer, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for.

 By Erin R. Smith

It all started very casually in June of 2017, during a conversation with her sorority sisters on the state of the world and how to change it. By March of this year, she was ready to run.

A financial advisor, Rosalyn Glenn did not set out for a career in politics. She finds her work rewarding, helping state employees understand their financial outlook. But she felt that incredible urge to “do something” about the direction the state is headed.

A native of the Upstate of South Carolina and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Rosalyn is a dynamic woman with a heart for service. She is a 30-year active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Last year, Rosalyn was elected by members of the sorority to serve as the South Atlantic Regional Member of the National Finance Committee.

Rosalyn believes in the importance of a quality education and staying current in her career field. This was instilled in her by her parents, along with a strong commitment to family. In addition to her formal education, she has obtained several licenses and certifications in credit union finance and banking which have helped her elevate her career from a part-time teller in college to a banking and finance administrator. Rosalyn is the President and CEO of Glenn Destiny Consulting, LLC, adding entrepreneur to an already impressive list of accomplishments. But she is just getting started.

Rosalyn seeks to bring a spirit of education and collaboration to the office of the Treasurer. “I believe that the treasurer should have a critical role in educating the legislature so that they can make the best decisions.” Collaboration is key for Rosalyn. Her campaign says that “We ‘R’ better together.” Rosalyn admits that the treasurer is often not involved in the final decision making for the legislature, but that accurate information from the treasurer can inform legislators thus making the impact of the office pretty substantial.

So what does the State Treasurer do, exactly? In a nutshell, a lot. Working through other offices under the State Treasurer umbrella, the State Treasurer is responsible for the day-to-day cash activities of the state, such as paying the bills and employee pay. Fines and fees collected by state agencies are routed through the Treasurer’s office. The debt management of the state is handled and structured by the treasurer’s office. The office administers the 529 college savings plan, handles our assets and investments, and manages unclaimed property.

That is a tall order and even Roslyn admits to being daunted by the task at times, but her resolve to make things better for the residents of the state of South Carolina remains true. “If you have a heart to serve, if you have integrity and you have good character, then I believe those things qualify you to serve this state, this country or even your city,” says Rosalyn. She believes that those three ideals mean that you are at least prepared to serve. “There is no road map that I have found,” she quips. But she has people around her that are more experienced in politics to help. She names state party chair, Trav Robertson and others who have supported her.

Rosalyn says that politics can have a negative connotation to it, which can turn people off and make them not want to be involved. But she believes that the right people in office can change that. “Two things: One, I have to display to the constituents of South Carolina that I am qualified and I think my experience speaks for me in that regard. And two, that I want to serve them.”

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