Empowered, engaged, and activated

Democratic Women build on 51 years of commitment to the community

2019 DWGC Leadership

  • President: Lee Turner
  • 1st VP for programs:
  • 2nd VP for membership: Ruth Todd
  • Secretary: Lucille Herwald
  • Treasurer: Peggy Schotsch

About us

We are an active and diverse group of women and men. Our objectives are:

  • To support the principles of the Democratic Party;
  • To initiate and carry out programs and projects on behalf of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party’s candidates; and
  • To promote Democratic women to become actively involved in our community, to serve in leadership positions in the county, state, and national Democratic Party, and to serve as candidates for elective office.


Our meetings are held the second Monday of each month. They may be lunches or dinners, so check the GCDP Events Calendar for current dates and times of DWGC events. Lunch is $17; $20 at the door, if available. Reservations and payment can be made online.

A message from the president

By Lee Turner
President, DWGC

Having already realized the Democratic Women of Greenville County is, by my measure, the largest regularly attended Democratic meeting in all of the 4thdistrict of SC, I was thrilled beyond measure to get the opportunity to lead this esteemed group.

During the campaign, I attended every meeting I could find in Greenville and Spartanburg counties. I could see that the DWGC is in a league of its own. I could visualize how potent we would be with real focus on the issues currently facing us. I knew the women selected to serve along with me, Ruth Todd, Lucille Herwald, Gaye Gibson, and Peggy Schotsch were real workers with real commitment. They were fuel to my passion too.

Circumstances are rapidly changing in today’s political climate.  There is much to accomplish before 2020, just at the state level. WE must ‘carpe diem’–seize the day–and harness the energy of the many newly activated citizens determined to make a difference in a political climate fraught with threats to democracy. Continue reading this post…

Join us and be part the change you want to see

We welcome all new members. We are a big tent and have a lot of room. Annual dues are $25; members receive our monthly newsletter, The Donkey’s Tale. You can sign up for membership and pay your dues online. Dues are paid annually in January.

Join us and be a part of engaging and activating Democratic women across the Upstate during this pivotal time.

Posts and event coverage

A conversation with Dr. Dawn Bingham

Dr. Dawn Bingham is an OB-GYN, an advocate for women’s healthcare, a community activist and a candidate for State Senate District 12. We sat down with her to talk about healthcare in South Carolina, particularly with the death knell for the Affordable Care Act looming in the Supreme Court, and another conservative justice poised to […]

Thinking of running for office? Here’s some advice from women who’ve been there.

By Erin D. Basinger The thought of running for political office can be daunting. Fundraising, debates, canvassing, phone banking, and other rites of passage on the campaign trail hardly come naturally to most people. Yet, the need for qualified candidates abounds. Emerge applications for Class of 2021 are now open, deadline Sept. 1. Don’t miss […]

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day virtual event

A Conversation with Xanthene Norris

Judi Buckley, DWGC member, former Senator in the Virgin Islands, and 2018 State House candidate, interviewed County Councilwoman Xanthene Norris for the DWGC’s “Interview Series”.” Below are the highlights of their conversation, which was conducted by telephone. JB: What has your life been like during the pandemic? Are you still staying close to home, and […]

Mask-up, Greenville

By Lee TurnerPresident, DWGC Admit it. We’ve failed miserably. The ‘curve’ is curving straight up! We knew from the beginning the big danger of COVID19 was that without proper management, the virus could overwhelm our healthcare system. Then we’d be in real trouble. Well, that’s what we’re beginning to see in places all over America. […]

A conversation with Dorothy Dowe

Dorothy Dowe is an at-large member of the Greenville City Council, elected in November 2019. She sat down with Judi Buckley, DWGC member, former Senator in the Virgin Islands,  and 2018 State House candidate, for this interview. JB: Tell us, what has it been like being a council member during a pandemic; were you still able […]