Party for the Party

Are you a Dem who likes good food, good friends, good conversation? Then our annual fundraiser Tastings on the Town is for you. The 2020 event featured food, music, and beverages that highlighted our Southern heritage.

But this is more than a party. It’s our largest – and only dedicated – fundraiser of the year and this one was incredibly successful, bringing in more than $36,000, double last year’s event.

At its heart, the Greenville County Democratic Party is a community organization that does important work. We fight for better schools and safer streets, for expanded public transportation, for legislation that helps prevent gun violence, for women’s reproductive rights and gender equality, for a cleaner environment and a sustainable world, for affordable healthcare accessible to all.

We do this by identifying and supporting candidates who will stand up in city councils, county council, the State House and Congress for the values we, as Democrats, believe in. And we are making progress.

Through the party’s efforts you get a bulwark against the one-party rule the state has lived under for decades, a strong voice to defend Democratic values, candidates who are articulate, educated, dedicated, and tough enough to stand toe-to-toe with Republicans on policy and governance. Our efforts are powered totally by your donations to the GCDP; we receive no funding from the state or national party.

Most Democrats are lending financial support to candidates in SC and other states, as well as presidential candidates. The GCDP supports local candidates and campaigns up and down the ticket from sheriff to state senator to US senator. But we can’t do this without your help.

Thank you to everyone who came to the party, purchased a ticket, or supported the effort as a host or sponsor. You’ve fueled our fight to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot and shift the power dynamic in Greenville County and the state.

What do you get for your money? You get Democracy – and a party! We look forward to seeing you all back in 2021.