Watch ACLU’s Malkin discuss proposed K-12 book ban

State School Superintendent Ellen Weaver has proposed a far-reaching regulation that would establish a universal definition of “age appropriate” educational materials and would, according to opponents, likely ban a broad swath of books from K-12 public schools that have content considered to be “sexual” or “profane.”

The SC ACLU says the regulation is “promoted by extremists in groups like Moms for Liberty and would allow book banners to appeal local book decisions to the State Board. It would also set a statewide policy banning books that contain descriptions of sexual acts, ranging from classics to 20th-century masterpieces to contemporary Young Adult novels. A similar policy in Iowa has already led to the removal of books including 1984, Native Son, and The Color Purple from schools.”

We have an opportunity now to prevent this “book purge”. On this call, Josh Malkin, senior ACLU strategist, discussed the regulation, its potential impact, and what we can do to advocate against it.

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