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The Greenville County Democratic Party (GCDP) is the local branch of the state and national Democratic Party. We share our party’s values, including a commitment to equal opportunity for all Americans, promoting economic growth, improving public education, protecting the environment, making health care affordable for all Americans, and keeping America strong at home while restoring its standing abroad.

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Thank you, candidates and Dems

GCDP Chair Amanda McDougald Scott thanks candidates and the volunteers who helped make the Election work, including the staff of the county Election Office. While we lost some battles, she urges Dems to stay together, stay engaged, and stay energized for the next elections including County Council in 2023 and a presidential election and state […]

An educator must lead SC to better public schools

This is the text of a speech given by GCDP Chair and childhood development and education researcher Amanda McDougald Scott in support of Lisa Ellis’s candidacy for state School Superintendent. By Amanda McDougald ScottGCDP, chair Good afternoon and happy Sunday! I am Dr. Amanda McDougald Scott, Chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party, Director of […]

Election deniers, like Timmons, must not be elected officials

By Billy Webster At 11:32 pm on Jan. 6, 2020 — nine hours after the initial wave of protestors stormed the Capitol — Congress reconvened to certify the electors and affirm the results of the presidential election. Despite the violence that had caused him to lock himself and his staff in his office and despite […]

Inflation: Whose Fault Is It?

by Billy Webster, www.billywebster.org   The short answer: everybody’s and nobody’s. Every two years in the run-up to Congressional (and every four years, Presidential) elections, there is a customary partisan blame-game that burns white hot over some issue or other. In 2020, it was the federal COVID response. In prior years, it has ranged from […]

3rd Quarter 2022 Donors

We thank all our friends who have contributed to the GCDP between July 19 and October 4. Contributions may have been made to the general fund, core messaging, or the 2020 Vision campaign.  Recurring contributions Leila Aziz, Judith Bainbridge, Phil Beckwith, Tina Belge, Kathleen Bitsura, Ruth Burley, David Cross, Lillian Brock Flemming, Cynthia Gibson, Cindy […]

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