Greenville County is a thriving, diverse area and it deserves a responsive government. Republicans have governed for generations and the results are clear: Our state is at the bottom of all the lists we want to be high on, and at the top of all the rankings we want to be low on. To get better results and to meet the times we are in, we must elect more Democrats. That’s our mission. Be all in with us. Learn more and donate to our 2020 Campaign.

Our Mission

The Greenville County Democratic Party (GCDP) is the local branch of the state and national Democratic Party. We share our party’s values, including a commitment to equal opportunity for all Americans, promoting economic growth, improving public education, protecting the environment, making health care affordable for all Americans, and keeping America strong at home while restoring its standing abroad.

What Democrats are talking about

See the slate of Greenville County candidates running for federal, state, and local office in 2020.

Watch candidates introduce themselves and their campaigns at the GCDP Virtual Breakfast.

Meet the new GCDP leadership team, led by Chair Eli Valentin.

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day virtual event

A Conversation with Xanthene Norris

Judi Buckley, DWGC member, former Senator in Guam, and 2018 State House candidate, interviewed County Councilwoman Xanthene Norris for the DWGC’s “Interview Series”.” Below are the highlights of their conversation, which was conducted by telephone. JB: What has your life been like during the pandemic? Are you still staying close to home, and with whom […]

Honoring John Lewis: Stay laser-focused on our goals

By Eli ValentinChair, GCDP Experienced animal trainers take a stool with them when they step into a cage with a lion. Why a stool? It tames a lion better than anything, except maybe a tranquilizer gun. When the trainer holds the stool with the legs extended towards the lion’s face, the animal tries to focus […]

Technology a key to success for students

By Sharon Garrett1st Vice Chair, GCDP As a high school English teacher, I have noticed that students do not like to read. They really do not want to write an essay. Some high school students write very poorly. They do not write a complete thought or a sentence. The definition of a sentence is a […]

2020 Democratic National Convention

Without being there, this will be a personal, collaborative experience The balloons, the music, the fanfare, speeches, confetti, and the palpable excitement could come through the TV set. Most of us have never been to a national Democratic convention, but we have felt the enthusiasm they generated. So how can we have a convention when […]

WREN breaks down the good and the bad of recent Supreme Court rulings

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. First the court gave us a victory on LGBTQ employment rights and DACA. Then a flurry of cases targeting abortion. The 5-4 ruling that struck down a Louisiana law requiring a women’s clinic performing abortions to have admitting privileges in a hospital within […]

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