Protecting pre-existing conditions offers clear choice

Healthcare is the number one issue among voters in this election. And it should be. Republicans who have taken no less than 75 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act or eviscerate its provisions have realized that this matters to Americans. And they are now trying to convince voters that they

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The rubber hits the road

It’s time for all good Dems to come to the aid of their party Dear Democrats, Midterm campaign season is in full swing and optimism is high! Did you see that an August Garin-Hart-Yang poll showed our gubernatorial candidate, James Smith, “narrowly trailing” his incumbent opponent by only four

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Now the real work begins

Fellow Democrats, Are you amped up for Democratic victories in November?   The promising results of the June 12 primary election give us reason to be more optimistic than we have been in a while.  Locally, the blue wave in Greenville County doesn’t have to be a complete bomb (“massive” in

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