A conversation with Dr. Dawn Bingham

Dr. Dawn Bingham is an OB-GYN, an advocate for women’s healthcare, a community activist and a candidate for State Senate District 12. We sat down with her to talk about healthcare in South Carolina, particularly with the death knell for the Affordable Care Act looming in the Supreme Court, and another conservative justice poised to be installed on the Supreme Court now stacked to rule against Roe v. Wade. Read our analysis of healthcare results in SC, part of The Republican Record series.

Dr. Bingham talks about what’s at risk if we lose the Affordable Care Act.

There are steps the state can take to keep healthcare accessible, but they start with what has been an unpopular option in the Legislature – the expansion of Medicaid.

Even with our best election yet, Democrats will remain a minority in the Legislature. Dr. Bingham discusses the real opportunities we have to make a difference, even as a minority party.

COVID is embedded deeply in this election. As both a candidate and a medical professional, Dr. Dawn has a unique perspective. She addresses the SC response to the virus and what we need to be prepared for.

10 of South Carolina’s 46 counties have no hospitals; two counties have a hospital with no ICU beds and a large senior citizen population. Dr. Bingham talks about ways to address the inequality of healthcare access.

Dr. Bingham addresses the future of women’s choice in SC, the critical role of public health, and why it’s important we have a doctor in the Senate.

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