A conversation with Amanda McDougald Scott

A researcher, doctoral candidate, advocate for children and families, Amanda McDougald Scott is also a candidate for County Council District 24. Part of The Republican Record series.

Amanda talks about the complex and interconnected issues revolving around child care, education, health care, and family support.

After years of research and study, Amanda McDougald Scott, County Council District 24 candidate, has concluded that cities and communities cannot do what must be done for children without a significant private sector commitment.

All children don’t start out on an even playing field. And the outcomes of their efforts are not wholly in their own hands. A lot happens very early in a child’s learning career, a time when many may not even realize they are learning. That’s Pre-K, which is currently not available to every South Carolina family.

Amanda views herself as a solution-oriented person. But she also knows that before you can get to a solution, you have to admit that there’s a problem. That’s a problem with our current Republican makeup on County Council.

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