10-Point Black Agenda for SCDP Consideration

The Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina-Greenville Chapter urges the South Carolina Democratic Party to adopt the following 10-Point Black Agenda, that will give direction to Democratic Candidates on local, State, and federal levels, with regard to issues that heavily-affect the black community:

  1. Economic Development – Job Opportunities, a $15.00 per hour Minimum Wage, Black Business Development, Transportation, Homeownership, Community Economic Development, and Opportunity Zone Protections;
  2. Education – Equitable Funding, increasing Numbers of Black Teachers, Raising Teacher Pay, and creating Afterschool Programs;
  3. Gentrification – Loss of Land & Culture, Homeownership & Affordable Rentals (30% to 50% AMI);
  4. Hospital Closings & Community Health Centers – The Common Denominators of 5 Recent SC Facility Closures in Rural, Low-Income, and Black Communities; and Funding for the 23 Community Health Centers in SC;
  5. Criminal Justice Reform – Ending Cash Bail, Ban the Box, Expungements, Legalization of Marijuana, supporting Second Chance Programs; influencing the Department of Justice for enhanced Civil Rights;
  6. Judicial & Cabinet Appointments – to support Voting Rights, Civil Rights, and Diversity & Inclusion efforts;
  7. Redistricting and Reapportionment – Justice Department Reviews to prevent GOP Gerrymandering, and requesting Independent or 50/50 Political Commissions;
  8. HBCUs Increasing Funding and Long-Term Commitment;
  9. Infrastructure Improvements on Rural Water Systems, Roads, Bridges, Drainage, Urban Streets and Sidewalks, and Greenspaces;

10. Community Reinvestment Act – Aligning CRA resources with actual community needs, reflective of changes in technology, consumer preferences, and the Business of Banking; improving the supervisory process; and applying requirements to other financial firms, similar to those of the CRA, including to credit unions.

In addition to addressing the aforementioned 10 Points, candidates are also asked to answer the following:

Do you support Reparations for African-Americans, or an Economic Justice Stimulus Plan for African-Americans?

How many dollars has your campaign spent with Black Media in SC? Nationwide? What is your budget for Black Media? How much have you spent with Black vendors? What is your position as it relates to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in local industries?

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