Ty Washington, candidate for Dist. 28

This is a continuing series offering our candidates the chance to talk directly to you about their reasons for running, policies, and objectives.

Ty Washington has called South Carolina home for nearly three decades, but grew up in Flint, MI. He distinctly remembers the harder side of Flint after a change in his family: winters were blistering-cold, and often, the only source of heat was from the open oven in the kitchen. At a wobbly table stained with store-brand soft drinks, Ty and his siblings ate their meals, did their homework, and watched their mother launch her dream to become a respiratory therapist. After she earned her degree, she dared to dream of a better future for her children, and moved her family to Taylors, SC. Their new neighbors in South Carolina welcomed them with hospitality and taught them the value of community. They helped Ty and his family overcome hardship through support. A supportive community allows its members to have the courage to try, to risk, to fail, and to learn. Fundamentally, a supportive community allows others to create.   

Ty Washington

Ty wants to create a better District 28 and a brighter South Carolina by bringing the ideals of the Democratic Party to the legislature. For too long, his constituents have been left without a progressive voice in Columbia. For too long, they have gone without a steward of their faith in the Statehouse. Ty will support the interests of Southern Greenville County by standing up for them in the capital city. Ty will bring justice for all to 28.

Justice for all ​means that everyone has equal access to economic opportunity.

Ty knows that honest work provides a sense of pride, and that education is a great mobilizer for prosperity. Ty will steward economic opportunity b​ y improving access to broadband internet and clean water, promoting workforce development, transforming transportation and education, and offering the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to ​all functioning members of society through criminal justice and re-entry reform.

Ty earned his college degree while working his way through school, serving others in the hospitality industry. Today, in his career in tech and sales, Ty leverages his background in service to drive performance by utilizing various strategies to engage clients, focus on identifying needs, present value-adding solutions, and build relationships through a consultative approach. He will apply those same lessons and skills on behalf of his District, and in collaboration with his fellow legislators. 

Ty graduated from Riverside High School, and received his BA in Philosophy from the College of Charleston, where he was in the Honors Society. While in Charleston, Ty founded the NGO Lowcountry Up is Good a​ nd helped build Charleston’s first “tiny home” to provide shelter to homeless and disabled veterans.

In his free time, Ty loves spending time with his family and giving back to his community through his service and membership to the ​NAACP​, as a mentor with ​Soteria Community Development Corporation​, and as a volunteer with ​Sew.Some.Good.Greenville​ and the ​Seneca Treehouse Project.

His campaign website is ​www.washingtonforsc.com​. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook at @washingtonforsc.

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