Thank you, donors

The GCDP thanks all those who have donated to support the Party’s initiative between Nov. 1, 2022 and March 1, 2023. This list does not include donations or sponsorships to Tastings on the Town.


Leila Aziz, Judith Bainbridge, Phil Beckwith, Tina Belge, Kathleen Bitsura, Ron Cowen, David Cross, Lillian Brock Flemming, Cynthia Gibson, Cindy Henry, John Hester, Jeanette Jacobs, Kinard Johnson, Nadia Land-Greene, Janet Lomicka, Doris McLallen, Ashley Newton, Evelyn Nocella, Hugh Owens, San Dee Sheftall, Hampton Smith, Amy Sutherland, Jeanmarie Tankersley, Coreen Urbina


Denise R. Bramlitt, Cecilia Chamberlain, Harry A, Chapman, Jr., Maurice and Sharon Cherry, Douglas F. Dent, Ingrid B. Erwin, Teresa Georgas, Gaybriel Gibson, Ken Gibson, Margaret Heatherly, Allan C. Jenkins, Susan J. Mottshaw, Felicia Pepper, Justin Pruitt, LaBarbara Sampson, Shirley Scott, Susie B. Smith, Vera Stang, Jennifer Steele, Leslie Tucker, Hao Wu

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