Showing us who they are in 280 characters or less

Every two weeks, the GCDP publishes an update on activities in the Upstate, Columbia and Washington that are of interest to Greenville Democrats. Each briefing leads off with an opening salvo that sets the tone. This is from the July 19 edition. Read the full Briefing | subscribe and never miss an issue.

By Mike Roosevelt
GCDP Communications

We all should be grateful that the former guy (aka #TFG, aka Donald Trump) is banned from Twitter. Now when he wants to spew disinformation about voter fraud, whine about how unfair everyone is to him, praise foreign dictators for being tough on their opponents, condemn Americans for engaging in constitutionally protected activities like free speech, encourage his followers to use violence, and inadvertently admit his guilt in numerous legal proceedings, he’s limited to a barely read blog and a captive audience at the Mar-a-Lago buffet line.

For better or worse, Twitter and other social media platforms have become the primary vehicles for our elected leaders to communicate their views to the rest of us, all but replacing old-school interviews, press conferences, published speeches, and even the pithy sound bite on the evening news. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the intentions of the individual doing the tweeting, and that’s the subject of this edition of The Briefing’s opening essay.

When we took a look at the accounts of several senior officials from both parties over the last week, it was a study in contrasts. While Democrats behaved like responsible adults advocating for real policies that would help people, the GOP used the Twitterverse to air grievances on topics designed to work the MAGA gang into a frothy frenzy of victimhood.

So who tweeted what this week? Beginning with three high-profile Democrats:

By comparison, Republicans lived up (or down?) to the quote coined by Chris Pirillo of Intel Corporation: “Twitter is a great place to tell the world what you’re thinking before you’ve had a chance to think about it.”

There’s just so much to choose from, we’ve limited ourselves to a few of South Carolina’s elected officials:

So much for This Week in Twitter. Make the comparison between focused Democrats who are trying to trying to govern and accomplish things, and ranting, raving Republicans who seem hell-bent on doing nothing. Then follow the advice of Maya Angelou: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

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