Georgia Runoff: How Greenville Dems are pitching in

We asked the leadership of several Democratic organizations in the Upstate how they were organizing their members to help Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock win the two Senate seats, and secure a Democratic majority in the US Senate. Here’s what they told us.

Greenville County Democratic Black Caucus

Kwadjo Campbell, Chair

The key to winning in Georgia of course is pushing the numbers up in Black majority precincts. A lesson we can learn from here in Greenville County and South Carolina as we move forward in our efforts to turn

more areas from Red to Purple. In this regard, we are working with Ernest Boston from Fair Fight GA and the Georgia State Democratic Party to coordinate efforts. Ernest worked for me in the Bernie Campaign, he is a good guy.

We are suggesting running weekly canvassing trips and virtual phone banks. We would meet Saturday and Sunday mornings to travel to Georgia in 20 to 30 car caravans to door knock in heavy Democratic districts. We will also implement virtual phone banks daily according to volunteer availability. Every vote will count on this day. We need to win both seats for the Senate to become an instrument for America’s progress instead of an obstruction.

We will take lessons learned from Georgia and use them to turn our state around!

Sign up here if you are down to join Operation Georgia Blue.

Go here to contribute to Fair Fight in Georgia directly.

Go here to contribute to the Greenville County Democratic Black Caucus’s efforts to help Georgia win the Senate.

Democratic Women of Greenville County

Mary Wright,  incoming President

After an election year that has proven to be a long, uphill fight for Democrats, the last couple of weeks have given us all a brief moment to reflect on our 2020 victories.  We are all breathing a collective sigh of relief as we are rewarded with victories from Joe Biden’s win of the presidency, and Democrats maintaining control of the House.

Coming off of these wins, it is clear our fight doesn’t end there, as the fate of the Senate remains up in the air.  Whether Democrats or Republicans control the Senate largely depends on two runoff races in Georgia.  If Joe Biden is to be successful and realize confirmation of his cabinet, judges on the bench, and passage of urgent social justice legislation, flipping the two Georgia Senate seats would have huge implications for national policy for the next four years.

On January 5, 2021, Georgians will make their choice of who they want representing them in the Senate.  Energized, many of us in South Carolina are ready to help our neighbors in Georgia to achieve the victory of winning the runoff elections and Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff becoming Georgia’s new Senators.

With so much at stake, we all must get involved to help win these two Senate seats.  Here are a few ways to volunteer to help the Georgia Senate runoff races, no matter where you live.

Young Democrats of Greenville County

Erica Edmondson, outgoing Chair

As Democrats, we had a big presidential win this election. This is a huge milestone, but as many of you know, the work is far from over. We have a chance to help President-elect Biden gain control of the Senate. If this happens, he has a chance to make a real impact in office and enact policies that our country desperately needs right now. Without the Senate, this will be a much more difficult task.

The Young Democrats of Greenville County are an active Chapter of the Young Democrats of South Carolina – a great group of young and passionate Democrats. We are teaming

up with the Young Democrats of Georgia to help take back the Senate. Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossoff both need our help in their run-off elections.

Young Democrats across the country are fired up, and I believe we can use this passion to WIN. We may not have had the results we wanted in South Carolina, but there is still hope for our neighbors. There are so many opportunities for phone banking and volunteering for both candidates. You don’t have to be a Young Dem to help – we need all hands-on deck! If you want to help, please feel free to reach out to the Young Democrats of Greenville County. Here are a few links as well where you can sign up for multiple upcoming events!

Greenville County Democratic Party

Ruth Todd, 1st Vice Chair

Postcard parties were a staple of the 2020 campaign effort. It can be done virtually, it’s personal, and many people participated. There’s no reason this can’t be a successful component of our efforts to help win the two critical Georgia runoff elections for US Senate.

I’ve ordered addresses and postcards and can drop them off for people. If you’re interested in doing postcards, you can email me at  Or plan your own.

You can get address lists from Flip The West, which has a Postcard for Georgia Voters program running. You can buy voting specific postcards from Amazon, among others.

If we have an outpouring of interest, we can get more postcards and addresses. Everyone is responsible for their own postage.

Need more options?

Each of the organizations above has contributed to this resource of ways to work, connect, and contribute to the Georgia Senate runoff elections.


Funding the candidates directly as well as through the grassroots organizations that flipped the state blue for Biden is of the upmost importance. If you can give, please give. If you can’t, consider sharing these links on your social media accounts.

  • Donate to both Warnock and Ossoff’s campaigns HERE
  • Donate to Win Both Seats – an organization of Black and Brown activists dedicated to using their reach and influence to win these two runoff elections. HERE.


The Warnock campaign is actively recruiting members for their Rapid Response Team, or people who can help amplify their content on social media. Use your voice and influence with friends in the Peach State. 

TEXT OR PHONE BANKING:  The Ossoff and Warnock campaigns are also running daily phone banks, which you can participate in virtually, no matter where you live.

  • Warnock campaign phone bank HERE
  • Ossoff campaign phone bank HERE


Did you know there are 23,000 young people in Georgia who were not old enough to vote in the November 3rd election but will be for the January 5th runoff? Donate to or volunteer  to help get new voters registered.

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