How will you help mobilize Democratic voters for November elections?

With several Democratic seats facing challenges in November, it is imperative that we educate and inform voters and then get them out to the polls. County Chair Kate Franch asks how you will help us win these crucial seats in November? 

By Kate Franch
Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party

When my husband asked me 10 years ago to consider moving to Greenville, my response was that I’d have to do a little research before I could definitively answer. One aspect I subsequently examined was county and city levels of government. And I was totally intrigued by the fact that Greenville City Council, at the time, was majority women (5:2) and the majority of them were Democrats (4:1)!

Greenville County Council was a different story altogether; nevertheless it was clear then that female and Democratic leadership was valued and was at the helm of shaping the vision and policies that have made the city a model for public/private partnership and revitalization. Gender and political party ratios have shifted during the intervening years and, this year, two of the three City Council seats held by Democrats are on the ballot.

With Greenville now facing issues of rampant growth and income and access inequality, it is IMPERATIVE that incumbent Councilwoman Lillian Brock Flemming and At-Large candidate Russell Stall win on November 7. Their voices for balanced growth, economic opportunity, and equity for all must prevail.

In addition, Dexter Reaves is running for the Greer City Council District 6 seat. While that race is nonpartisan, Dexter will bring strong Democratic Party values to his service in his community. Equally as important, since this is the first election for the GCDP since last November, it is to some degree a referendum on our ability to mobilize the electorate and a precursor to the 2018 election cycle.

That means that every one of us must participate in some form or fashion to secure victory. There are a variety of ways in which to be involved, so please read through this list, select one (or two or three), and let us know what you will do to ensure that the cities of Greenville and Greer move forward smartly and intentionally with the needs and dreams of all residents represented.

  • Phone bank between now and November. The campaigns have regular phone banking opportunities through which likely voters are identified and engaged to prepare for getting out the vote (GOTV); call lists and scripts are provided
    Canvass neighborhoods between now and November.
  • Canvass voters. The campaigns also hold regular canvassing opportunities through which likely voters are identified and engaged to prepare for GOTV; training with maps and scripts is provided.
  • Deliver yard signs and campaign materials or help with campaign meet and greets and community events.
  • Drive voters to the polls. We’ll do this during the absentee voting period expected to run weekdays starting October 9. We’ll also need drivers on Election Day,  November 7 between 7am and 7pm.

Contact us by phone: 864-232-5531 or email.
Together we will win this!
Looking forward to seeing you on the campaign trail,


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