A great win for 2019; A building block for 2020

Congratulations to Dorothy Dowe, councilwoman-elect at-large, and Ken Gibson, councilman-elect in District 3, for victories that flipped the GOP-stronghold City Council to a Democrat majority. Hard work, community-focused candidates, hundreds of volunteers, and relentless voter engagement paid off.

We had a very high turnout – an average of 18.2 percent, but as high as 33.7 percent in one district and over 20 percent in a third of all districts. That’s a difference-maker for Democrats. We win when we vote!

And thank you to Matt Johnson, candidate for District 1, who ran a strong campaign putting community issues front-and-center every day. The hard work of Matt and his volunteers to engage voters is going to pay off in future elections!

That’s true across the board. With each election, each voter we call or visit, we have been building awareness and gaining traction. Each election – win or lose – has been a building block for the Party.

And we are breaking through. Success breeds success. The key now is to maintain momentum. There are several efforts underway to find, register, and engage new voters.

Get involved today to make the difference in 2020.

Be the change you want to see: Help the party with a much-needed donation or volunteer to help!