2nd Quarter Donors

Thank you to all our donors who supported the Party and the Core Messaging Campaign this quarter. This list is donors from April 1-July 18.

Recurring Donors

Judith Bainbridge, Phil Beckwith, Kathleen Bitsura, Ruth Burley, David Cross, Cynthia Gibson, Cindy Henry, John Hester, Jeanette Jacobs, Kinard Johnson, Sue Lawrick, Janet Lomicka, Doris McLallen, Ashley Newton, Evelyn Nocella, Hampton Smith, Jeanmarie Tankersley, Coreen Urbina.

Non-Recurring Donors

Jeffrey Dishner, Leslie Fatum, Nadia Land-Greene, Pat and Cathy Grills, Margaret Heatherly, Kinard Johnson, Amanda McDougald Scott, Jane Parker, Edward Rapp, Amy Sutherland, Ron Waxell.

Core Messaging Campaign Donors

Tina Belge, Nancy Bender, Ruth Burley, Matthew Cazessus, Randall Clark, Jeffrey Dishner, Kat Dunleavy, Sandra Gaskin, Carol Hallman, Frank Holleman, Kinard Johnson, Carol Kelley, Amanda McDougald Scott, Doris McLallen, Susan Riordan, Shirley Scott, John Slipke, Amy Sutherland, John Toen.

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