Who We Are

We are the African-American Caucus of the SC Democratic Party, and we support issues important to the African-American community. The Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina-Greenville Chapter works to obtain equitable political power, and increase diversity in party leadership, by supporting increased recruitment of qualified African-American precinct officers and candidates.

Our Goals: We seek to strengthen the African-American community’s position in the Democratic Party through encouraging precinct officers participation in County and State conventions, increasing the number of African-American electorates, and promoting a 10-Point Black Agenda that addresses Economic Justice, Education, Voting Rights, and Criminal Justice Reform.

Public, General Membership Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. At this time, all meetings are virtual and invitation links are sent via email, prior.  For an invitation link or a meeting agenda, email Secretary Whitney Wright at whitney.wrightsc@gmail.com.

What we do

Voter Engagement Program

The Voter Engagement Initiative consists of a collaboration between Upstate organizations, including the Democratic Black Caucus of SC-Greenville Chapter, the Greenville County Democratic Party (GCDP), NAACP Voter Engagement, the League of Women Voters, and Pastors In Action. The purpose of this effort is to engage voters and non-voters, in all local/municipal,  Greenville County Council, US Senate, and Presidential elections.

Goal 1: Amidst the Pandemic, absentee voting has become a public safety issue for many in our community suffering from underlying conditions. We will endeavor to encourage and identify 10,000 voters who will cast their ballots absentee, in the upcoming elections.

Goal 2:  Millennial votes matter, and black millennials are “fired up” and ready to take action! The DBCSC-Greenville Chapter will work with the young activist community to engage millennials with regard to the issues they care about, such as college debt and/or free college tuition, health care costs and accessibility, economic justice, and criminal justice reform.

Goal 3: There are 28,000 registered African-Americans in Greenville County who DID NOT vote in the most recent mid-term elections. Imagine the impact that this “sleeping giant” group could make on Affordable Housing, Transportation, Living Wages, and local Criminal Justice Reform policies in Greenville – if they voted. We will work week-in and week-out to guarantee that these voters are engaged, informed, and ready to act in local and national elections.

Quarterly meetings

Quarterly meetings are held the third Thursday of March, June, September, and December at 7:00 p.m.

Join us on Facebook Live! (via the Greenville County Democratic Black Caucus SC page) – as we present candidates, community activists, and issues experts to discuss the advancement of the Black Agenda. Learn about local, state, and national efforts to address affordable housing, community reinvestment by banks, criminal justice reform, and voting rights.


ChairStacey Mars
1st Vice Chair– Jevarus Howard

Treasurer– Marilyn Prince
GCDP Liaison – Kate Franch
Immediate Past President – Kwadjo Campbell

What we’re talking about

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