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Tell Them Tuesday

March 7, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

*Not an official GCDP event*

From Deb Morrow:

Tho it was a victory to have Lindsey Graham hold a town hall, which he admitted was partly in response to our deluge of visits to his offices, his comments made clear that we can’t let up now!!!!

#1 Trump’s off-the-wall accusation that Obama illegally wire-tapped him must be treated w/the outrage it deserves … Repubs are poised to turn this into the next Benghazi while ignoring all the red flags about trump

#2 To paraphrase, Graham said “Y’all are just sore losers” – that we’re just upset Hillary didn’t win. Many of us who are upset voted for Hillary, but many did not!!!! It’s about the horrible things Trump is doing and saying.

If some ppl carry signs indicating they’re NOT Clinton fans, please don’t criticize or blame them now for trump’s win – IT’S A GOOD POINT TO MAKE that everyone’s welcome – even trump voters w/buyer’s remorse must unite and condemn him now. 

(Graham himself said he voted for independent Evan McMullin for Pres!)

Our Repub legislators make every excuse not to listen to us & condemn Trump’s erratic personality, bad policies, ignorance, terrible cabinet picks, secret finances/conflicts of interest and ties to Russia – 

First we’re supposedly paid agitators from out of state, then we’re sore losers… or just wanted a woman Pres because many women are protesting. 

It’s powerful to show our zip codes … AND if we have some Bernie, Stein, Cruz etc or even former Trump fans all the better – so peace please, everybody! We will never achieve the goal that’s good for America – stopping trump – unless we unite.

IF YOU WANT TO RIDE TOGETHER OR CARAVAN PLEASE CALL ME AT 864-764-0364. And it’s fun to eat together afterwards, so if you’re on a tight schedule it’s better to ride with others who won’t want to hang around. 

This isn’t everybody’s choice of activism, but if you’re on the fence it’s fun (good company!) pretty easy (nice little courtyard and bookstore/cafe!) and it produces results & news coverage … momentum for more trump opposition. 

Hope to see you tomorrow – bring a friend this time!!! and if anyone can’t go on Tuesdays and would like to organize a different day, that’d be awesome. Please continue to call the office. Heartfelt thanks to all, whether coming faithfully every week, once in a while, go a different day, or make phone calls.


March 7, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Upstate Office
130 South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601
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