Want better results? Elect more Democrats. That’s our vision.

Greenville County has changed a lot over the years. We’ve gone from a textile manufacturing center to an innovation hub; from a sleepy Southern town to a national tourist destination; from an antebellum past to a multiracial, multiethnic, multinational, multigenerational citizenry.

Main Street, Greenville, circa 1970
Main Street, Greenville, circa 1970

Know what hasn’t changed? How we are governed. Republicans have had a stranglehold on Greenville and South Carolina for generations. The two-party system of governance in this state is an ideal, not a reality. Republicans are so entrenched they don’t even try to defend their seats: They refuse to debate Democratic opponents. When they meet with their constituents it’s in private town halls. Why are they so reluctant to stand up to opponents on their records? Because their records are terrible.

And yet we keep electing them. Among the 20 Greenville County candidates running this cycle are eight newcomers vying for three state Senate seats and five State House seats. They are up against a Republican juggernaut that has collectively held those seats for 190 years! Nearly two centuries!

We hear people complain of donor fatigue. And we understand, you are giving not only to Jaime Harrison but to high profile candidates in other parts of the state and even other states.

But the Greenville County Democratic Party is the only entity that is working to get Michael McCord, Dr. Dawn Bingham, Jevarus Howard, Farris Steele Johnson and 16 other Democrats elected.

The Republican record(1)

Why give to the GCDP? Because it is the state and local races that change the quality of life in South Carolina. And it is the GCDP’s entire focus to win those seats. Our office is home base for campaigns, mustering points for canvassers, phone bankers, and volunteers. Our volunteers are registering voters in precincts across the county, developing messaging to educate, engage and activate those voters, building plans to increase visibility for those candidates.

We do not receive any funding from the South Carolina Democratic Party or the national party. So we ask you to be all in with us. Make your $20.20 monthly recurring donation today and help us fight harder, employ better tools, expand digital advertising and more to break the Republican grip on the state and our county.

Young Democrats make calls and signs for Tina Belge's campaign in 2018.
Young Democrats make calls and signs for Tina Belge's campaign in 2018.

Greenville deserves governance on the local and state level that matches the multicultural, innovative, forward-thinking community we have become. For that, we must elect more Democrats.

That’s what the GCDP is here to do. And we need your help to do it.


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