What do you know about your precinct?

Greenville County has 151 precincts. Each has around 2,100 registered voters and each is unique. South Carolina state election law mandates that both political parties reorganize their party leadership every two years.  Democrats’ reorganization falls in the even years, so we just had ours in mid-March. That means you might have new officers for your precinct.  

With Greenville’s continuing rapid population growth, we did see a lot of new faces get elected into leadership roles this year.  Unfortunately, our “reorg” coincided with the arrival of COVID-19 in the Upstate.  That coincidence might have prevented many people who wanted to participate in their reorg event from attending.  If you are one of those people, you can still be involved because we can confirm new precinct officers at the GCDP’s quarterly executive committee meetings.  Please reach out to us at precincts@greenvilledemocrats.com and we will connect you with party leaders in your area.  They’ll be happy to inform you of any openings, describe what those responsibilities are, and walk you through the proper channels to becoming an official precinct officer.

Since COVID-19, social distancing rules have created challenges for candidates launching campaigns this election cycle.  In addition to their campaign staff, candidates rely on precinct officers and volunteers to help spread their platform message. They have to be creative with campaigning since canvassing is discouraged right now.  If they are challenging an incumbent, then they are at a distinct disadvantage in terms of name recognition.  

What can you do if you can’t knock on doors or hold “meet and greet” events?  You tap into the network that the Greenville County Democratic Party has been building for decades!  Precinct officers can spread the word through their social media networks, phone banking, and literature drops to assist our candidates.  It’s a built-in volunteer army of enthusiastic Democrats ready to spread the word throughout their neighborhoods.

Want to know more about your specific precinct?  Check out www.gcgis.org/apps/voterinfo.  Type in your address to find your precinct’s boundaries, current representatives with contact information, polling site locations, and other helpful data.

Be the change you want to see: Help the party with a much-needed donation or volunteer to help!