Why volunteering will be the coolest thing you’ve ever done

(Hint: Because the field wins!)

By Melissa Bernardi
GCDP Volunteer Coordinator

It has been a privilege to join the volunteer coordination team for the GCDP. It’s not surprising that Democrats are signing up at a brisk pace to volunteer on behalf of Democratic candidates here in Greenville County. I have attempted to speak with each person who has filled out our Volunteer Interest form on the website, and have met with many of them at the HQ office. It is a great feeling to match these volunteers and their unique skills with the needs of the party.

If you haven’t registered to volunteer, it’s easy to sign up on our website.

If you’ve been to the breakfast meetings over the past few months, you’ve seen the county map on which Greenville Democrats have taped their names. It’s a great visual to see how many other like-minds are in your neighborhood. I look forward to seeing the map so full of slips of paper with names that the map itself has disappeared. This is our strength, and this is how we build the party in Greenville. If you haven’t yet added your name to the map, be sure to look for it at our next breakfast meeting.

Speaking of the breakfast meetings, you all will be happy to know I have found a new team of volunteers to provide breakfast for these Saturday mornings. Starting in November, please feel free to once again attend hungry!

There are also new office volunteers to join the pros who have been keeping HQ open Monday through Friday. There is always room on the substitute list, so consider signing up. And the next time you stop in the office, please be sure to thank these dedicated folks who are (literally) keeping the lights on for the GCDP. Remember to check the GCDP website calendar for additional volunteer opportunities.

 If you have never knocked on doors or phoned a voter on behalf of a candidate, now is the time to find out how great it feels to be part of something so important, and to know every voter contact you make strengthens our presence in the community.

And if you are waiting to get involved in the 2020 presidential race, consider brushing up on your skills with what are arguably equally important local political races. Our local elected officials affect our lives directly every single day.

Can you tell I have a campaign field background? Field is what wins elections. Field is what gets out the vote. And field, most of all, gives you power over the nuttiness of our times. I hope I can inspire all of you to find your place here in the GCDP. I promise you’ll love it!

Be the change you want to see: Help the party with a much-needed donation or volunteer to help!