Public hearings in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump began on November 13. The first week featured voluminous amounts of information, complex and intersecting timelines, conflicting takes on the same set of facts. How are we supposed to get through it all? The GCDP is here to help with a weekly infosheet focused on key takeaways from the week including links so you can dig deeper if that’s your thing. Download it each week here or subscribe to get it in your inbox each weekend.

Let’s get to it:

Impeachment Week Four (Dec. 2): The Constitution took center stage in Judiciary Committee hearings this week, as Constitutional scholars and law professors attempted to put the current events into context. The Intelligence Committee released a 300-page report of its findings, and Republicans followed with their minority report. But the two most memorable moments of the week belong to Speaker Pelosi. Download Week Four.

Impeachment Week Three (Nov. 25): There was a lot of significant activity even without any hearings on the schedule. A federal court judge ruled that “the president is not a king” and that could open the door a lot of key testimony (think Pompeo, Mulvaney, McGahn). Emails also drew a straight line between Rudy Guiliani and Mike Pompeo. And that’s not all Rudy was in the news for. Download Week Three.

Impeachment Week Two (Nov. 18): The facts of what happened haven’t been in serious doubt for weeks. But the Republican defenses have been based more on defending the president’s motives. Testimony from National Security officials, State Department envoys, and White House officials seemed to blow all that up. This week we focus on the key defense talking points and the specific testimony that refuted them. Download Week Two PDF

Impeachment Week One (Nov. 11): Republican conspiracy theories, what anti-corruption really looks like, a first-hand witness is revealed, Pelosi names the crime, Trump attacks witness while she’s testifying, and why the Javelin missiles are not on Ukraine’s front line. Download the PDF.

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