State’s involvement in Texas lawsuit an assault on democracy

Press release responding to South Carolina joining the Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate the election results in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

GREENVILLE, SC (Dec. 10, 2020) – The actions of Alan Wilson, SC attorney general, to join a blatantly unconstitutional attempt to invalidate the presidential election in four states, should be appalling to all the state’s residents, regardless of political affiliation.

Wilson’s actions are not a bold effort to uncover the non-existent fraud and rigging that Republicans have argued is at play in this election. In fact, nearly 40 lawsuits argued so far across a half dozen or more states have already been dismissed for a lack of any evidentiary basis. Greenville County Democratic Party Chair Elias “Eli” Valentin II notes, “Instead, this lawsuit, filed by Texas and now joined by 17 Republican attorneys general, is a brazen attack on democracy and the foundation of our country.”

That Wilson would embark on this path should horrify every voter who must imagine that – if successful – future  disgruntled politicians of either party could call for your vote to be thrown out simply because you or your state did not vote for a particular candidate. Such dangerous attacks on democracy will not be a one-off; if affirmed, they will be precedent. 

Democrats and Republicans alike, regardless of who they voted for, see how dangerous this is. Experts of all political stripes expect it will fail. But that will not be without cost. South Carolinians’ tax dollars will be supporting this effort. “As we continue to underfund our education system system and delay investments in statewide broadband access for all, the leaders of our state are prioritizing a frivolous lawsuit, wasting our hard-earned money,” says Valentin.

The great state of South Carolina should not be dragged into the muck of this baldly political, last ditch act of desperation, where success – if achieved – would shatter the bedrock of our democracy: Free and fair elections where every citizen’s vote counts.

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