Selecting new county leaders and SCDP convention delegates without convening

By Kate Franch
Chair, GCDP

The biennial precinct reorganization is usually followed by a GCDP convention.  As you know, this year’s convention scheduled for March 30 was postponed due to the current health restrictions.  We are, however, bound by South Carolina election law and SCDP state party rules to conduct some business, namely election of GCDP county party officers and election of delegates and alternates to the state convention.

The new deadline for completion of county conventions is April 25, 2020.  The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus has necessitated consideration of new ways of completing mandated matters.  Due to the size of our county, the GCDP will use a mail-in ballot process. Here is how our 2020 non-assembly, remote convention will

On April 13, a ballot will be mailed to all county convention delegates who were elected at the March 14 precinct meetings. The ballot will contain the names of candidates for GCDP party officers and state convention delegates and alternates. Ballots must be completed, signed, and postmarked by April 25 to be counted.

Filing to run for county party office
Eight positions will be filled for the 2020-2022 term: County Party Chair; 1st Vice Chair; 2nd Vice Chair; 3rd Vice Chair; Male State Executive Committee Member; Female State Executive Committee Member; Male Alternate State Executive Committee Member; and Female Alternate State Executive Committee Member.

Download a copy of the duties and responsibilities of each position.

To run for a county party officer position, you must notify me at no later than April 8. Your email should include the position for which you are running as well as your name, phone number, and full home address. The list of candidates will be available on the GCDP website by April 14.

Filing to run for delegate or alternate to the SCDP State Convention
The GCDP currently sends 77 male and 77 female delegates and 77 male and 77 female alternates to the annual state convention in Columbia. Delegates and alternates also serve a two-year term. This year’s state convention is scheduled for May 30.

Delegates are the voting representatives of the county party at the convention. They consider convention business such as amendments to state party rules, resolutions for submission to the DNC, and election of DNC representatives and the South Carolina delegation to the national Democratic Party convention (scheduled for July 13-16 in Milwaukee). In odd-numbered years, they vote for SCDP state party officers. Alternates fill seats left open when delegates are unable to attend

Anyone wishing to run to be a state convention delegate or alternate should email the GCDP at by April 8. List your name, phone number, and home address. Your name will be added to the ballot.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or call 919-417-6406 if you have questions.

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