SCDP gearing up for 2020 National Convention

2020 will be an exciting year for Democrats across the country.

This time next year, we will be gearing up for the 2020 Democratic National Convention to select our Democratic candidate for President of the United States.  

The SC Delegate Selection Plan draft has been adopted by the State Executive Committee, and it is now available for South Carolina Democrats to make comments. There is a 30-day period to review the plan and submit comments. We have posted the full plan to our website and you can also access the plan here. Comments must be submitted in writing to

The deadline to submit comments is 5:00 PM on Friday, May 3, 2019. The Delegate Selection Plan will be voted on at the SCDP Executive Committee meeting on May 11, 2019. 

We are looking forward to starting the process to select our Democratic candidate for President in 2020! If you have questions about this process, please email Carol Fowler, Chair of the Delegate Selection Plan at

Thanks for your support,

Trav Robertson, Jr.
Chair, SCDP

Members of the Delegate Selection Plan committee:

Carol Fowler, Chair

Johnnie Cordero

Mary Geren

Mel Whittenburg

Mattie Thomas

Scott Thorpe

Members of the Affirmative Action Committee:

Johnnie Cordero, Chair

Ann Willbrand

Evelyn Lugo

Tangee Jacobs

Elias Valentin, II

Beverly Frierson

Delaine Frierson

Bridget Deline

Ann Stevens

Mayra Rivera

Carlton Dallas

Lessie Price

Scott Thorpe

William Lawrence

Peggy Butler

Mattie Thomas

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