Roman Gasca candidate statement

Greetings everyone, I’m Roman Gasca, and I’m running for executive committeeperson. I would like to first and foremost thank everyone for reading our candidate statements and taking the time to learn about us so that you can make your vote. 

If there’s anything that I’ve learned the last few weeks during this pandemic, it’s how important it is that we vote for people that will stand up for what we believe, will be our voice, and that will bring attention to our problems. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to meet in person so that I can talk to you individually and show you my passion for making change and turning South Carolina blue. However, I will do my best to show you I am the perfect candidate for this position. 

The last five (5) years of helping minorities and oppressed groups have allowed my voice to broaden so that it includes that of many others. This is essential when it comes to being a successful executive committeeperson.

One of the responsibilities of an executive committee-person includes representing all of the county party. I wouldn’t represent just a fraction but everyone that makes up the county party. This includes the LGBTQ community, the Black community, the Hispanic community, and all other groups of minorities including the large community of people living with mental illnesses. I would be able to translate and bring back the information in terms that anyone would be able to easily understand. I could even take it a step further and translate the information into Spanish for those of our county that are more comfortable with the information being in their first language. 

Another responsibility of an executive committee-person includes transmitting the thoughts and concerns of the county party. Not only would I be able to “transmit” our county’s thoughts and concerns, but I would make sure that they were heard. Living in my birth home and having people tell me to go back to my country because of the color of my skin every time I speak up has only made me more persistent to keep speaking until I make sure that I’m heard.  If you have any questions about my goals or myself, you can reach me at my email listed below. Currently, I’m focusing on starting little fires amongst minorities to get them to vote and to get involved. 

Roman O. Gasca

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