Link to GCDP County Convention 2022, March 26, 10 a.m.:

Precinct Reorganization & County Convention 2022

Precinct organization is the essence of our democracy: Grassroots leadership, issues bubbling up from neighborhood conversations, presenting voters with information, mobilizing them to register, vote, and to get involved. It is about fulfilling our civic responsibility to be an informed and active electorate.

Every two years, the Democratic Party in South Carolina reorganizes at the county party level.  This simply means that every precinct in Greenville County:

  • holds a precinct-wide meeting to elect officers for a two-year term (until the next reorganization);
  • drafts resolutions for the SCDP Platform to be considered for adoption at the county and the state level;
  • elects delegates to the county convention (which must be held prior to March 31).

Reorganization is also an opportunity to invite fellow citizens to get to know their politically like-minded neighbors, grow grassroots engagement, and strengthen the local party organization.

Each county party then holds a county-wide convention at which its executive officers (chair, vice-chairs, etc.) are elected to serve a two-year term, resolutions from the precincts are adopted, and delegates to the annual South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP) convention are elected for a two-year term.

This year, as allowed by SCDP Emergency Rules approved during the pandemic, the GCDP’s Executive Committee chose to hold the reorganization and convention through contactless, or virtual, routes:  a Google sign-up form is being used in place of in-person precinct reorganization meetings; the GCDP County Convention will take place via Zoom.  Phone-in options are available for both events.

If you’re looking for ways to get involved, to make a difference, to lead change in our community, state, and nation, then step up now and participate in your precinct. It’s here – by talking to voters, by pulling people together under the umbrella of values and goals the majority of Americans already agree with – that we will win elections. We’ve proven that organization works: Locally, in the municipal elections in 2017 and 2019, we elected Democrats to flip control of the Greenville City Council, then held that control in the 2021 election; and nationally, by selecting Joe Biden in the First in the South presidential primary, thereby changing the course of the 2020 election.

You can be a part of making this happen. In fact, it can’t happen without you. This is the essence of our democracy.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Involved

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March 24 – last day to submit your 2022 reorganization Precinct Sign-up Form

March 20 – deadline to file to run for GCDP Executive Officer position

March 26 – GCDP County Convention (10 a.m., Zoom & in-person)

June 11 – SCDP State Convention (Columbia)

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Know your precinct
To participate in precinct meetings, you must be a REGISTERED VOTER. You can confirm your voter registration status and find out which precinct you are in at If you aren’t registered to vote, you can do that at the County Election Commission at 301 University Ridge, Suite 1900, Greenville, SC 29601. Or online.


Learn about precinct leadership
Each precinct has several LEADERSHIP positions: President, first-, second-, and third-vice president, secretary, treasurer, and the county executive committee representative and alternate. Learn more about these positions.

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Participate in virtual Precinct Reorganization

  • Runs through Thursday, March 24, 2022
  • Precinct Overview and Information
  • To register your ATTENDANCE at your precinct meeting, use this Precinct Sign-up Form. It is a virtual version of the traditional reorganization sign-in form you would use at an in-person meeting.  On this form, you will be able to indicate:
    • Your interest in serving as a PRECINCT OFFICER for the 2022-24 term.  See above for more information about positions.
    • Your interest in serving as a DELEGATE from your precinct to the virtual GCDP County Convention – no election at a precinct meeting is required this year. During the March 26 Convention, delegates will vote on precinct executive committee representatives and county party officers for the 2022-24 term, resolutions, and delegates to the state convention.
    • Your interest in serving as a DELEGATE from Greenville County to the SCDP State Convention in Columbia on Saturday, June 11. This is an annual convention, and state delegates and alternates serve for two years, so they will attend in both 2022 and 2023.  In 2023, county delegations will elect the SCDP executive officers (chair, vice-chairs, etc.)

Do you have goals for your community, state, country?
The Democratic Party platform is a collection of goals that are developed every four years as the foundation of our candidates’ plans and policies and our legislative goals at every level. They start right here – in our precinct organization – and work their way up through county, state, and national conventions. You have a voice in that process by submitting your ideas for RESOLUTIONS during precinct reorganization.

Resolutions that you would like considered at the SCDP State Convention (June 11) should be submitted using this form.

  • Resolutions must not be the same as, or similar to, the SCDP Platform and must align with and not detract from the essence of the Platform. Resolutions submitted that do not meet these criteria will not be considered.
  • Individuals may submit drafted resolutions directly to the SCDP Platform and Resolutions Committee this year.
  • You may draft a resolution specific to Greenville County, which will be considered at the March 26 GCDP County Convention only. Please indicate that intention on the form.
  • Resolution Instructions
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Ready to get involved?
Here’s one way to meet your neighbors: Go knock on their doors. Invite them to join you in precinct reorganization and the GCDP County Convention on March 26. If you’re interested in standing for election, tell them why; or encourage them to run. Get a conversation started. Contact our precinct development leaders at to ask questions about reorganization, leadership roles and responsibilities, or connecting with your local precinct leader.

GCDP County Convention 2022

  • Takes place via Zoom on Saturday, March 26, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. –
  • A phone-in option through Zoom, with arrangements for voting during the convention, will be available.  A Mobilize link to the GCDP County Convention will be sent by the SCDP following submission of your Precinct Sign-up Form by March 24.
  • You are also invited to join in-person at Upstate Circle of Friends, 29 Ridgeway Drive, Greenville 29615.  The convention will be staged from the center.
  • The convention is open to the public, but only those who have participated in the reorganization by submitting the Precinct Sign-up Form may vote.
  • Elections held during the County Convention:
    • GCDP Executive Committee Representatives and Alternates for each precinct
    • GCDP Executive Officers (excluding secretary and treasurer)
    • Delegates to the SCDP State Convention – The GCDP is allotted 89 male and 89 female Delegates as well as 89 male and 89 female Alternates.
  • If you are interested in running for a GCDP EXECUTIVE OFFICER position (chair, vice chairs, state executive committee representatives/alternates, secretary, treasurer) for the 2022-24 term, please complete and submit this form.
    • The filing deadline is Sunday, March 20.
    • County Party Officer Role Descriptions / County Party Chair Role Description / State Executive Committee Representative Role Description
      • 1st vice chair must be a different gender than the chair
      • 2nd vice chair must be a different race than the chair
      • 3rd vice chair must be 18-35 years of age
      • The county elects both a male and a female STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEPERSON as well as a male and a female ALTERNATE STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEPERSON.
      • The secretary and treasurer positions are filled at a GCDP County Executive Committee meeting held within 30 days following the County Convention.
    • You must provide the name of someone to nominate you for the position, someone to second the nomination, and someone to third the nomination during the County Convention. They must be Greenville County registered voters and should be prepared to speak on your behalf for 1-2 minutes.
  • Candidates who have filed to run on the Democratic Party ticket at the county and state level by close of business on Friday, March 25 will be allowed to speak at the GCDP Convention. Contact Eli Valentin,, for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at the GCDP Convention on March 26 at 10 a.m.!

Candidates for GCDP Executive Officer Roles

Filed to run:

If you do not have reliable internet access or would like assistance with completing a form,
please call GCDP Headquarters, 864-232-5531, during office hours (M-F, 9 am to 3 pm).