Clusters help leaders be more productive and voters more connected

The 151 precincts in Greenville County are organized into “clusters.” This is an effort to help precinct officers get geographically organized, work together, share resources, and reach more voters. The clusters are “loosely” aligned with County Council districts. If you aren’t sure what council district or precinct you are in, you can check online.

Want to learn more about precincts, organizing, and grassroots leadership, contact your cluster leader for information.

Click on an image to see a full size rendering of the cluster and the individual precincts.

Cluster Leaders contact information

Cluster Cluster Lead Email address
CC17 Ruth Todd
CC18 Amanda Braswell
CC20 Cass Tyson
CC21 Leigh Learing
CC23 Judy Reardon
CC24 Karen Craig
CC25 Jalen Elrod
CC26 Matthew Cazessus
CC27 Denise Scotti-Smith
CC28 Regina Waldrep