Leadership changes, values don’t

November 2022 was a November to remember, as evidenced by the multiple events that have transpired since then. The seeds of discontent and concern that were present before November have begun to sprout all over the state and here in Greenville. There is much finger-pointing and consternation over the results of the elections in South Carolina — not just from this past election cycle, but for 20 years — because Republicans continue to win in South Carolina by increasing margins.

People want change. People want improvement. People want to be heard and recognized. People want to be valued. People want dignity. When people believe that their votes will not make a difference, or that their votes are not earned, they begin to feel apathetic and stay home.

What we have been doing for 20 years is not working. We aren’t getting it right. But I know we want to get it right here in the GCDP.

Party is not limited to its leadership. Frequently, when people criticize “the Party,” that usually means the current, or maybe the past (maybe both), leadership.

The Party has elected leadership to carry out a vision, which includes a world that embodies our values. However, that leadership cannot exist or do the work without you. You are the Party. We are the Party. We must work together to succeed in this county, state, and country.

Leadership can change. If leadership is ineffective, we can change it. But our values and goals of a more inclusive, equitable, free, and happy world do not change. Our values unite us.

Sometimes leadership does things that we do not like. There will be disagreements. But we must learn to diversify without discarding. We must set aside personal disputes and isolated events to focus on the larger goal of that better world that unites us. When the disputes are too great, we can elect to change course with new leadership…but there is still something to learn from the leadership that has been replaced if we are willing to listen.

There is a lot of planning, strategy, focus, and learning going on all over the state right now. We encourage you to contemplate what your place is in making a better city, county, state, and country. Where do you fit into the present and future? How can you help us achieve our goals and live out our values?

We invite you to help, to show up, learn, and work with us. We are all Democrats.

Amanda McDougald Scott
Chair, GCDP

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