Why I’m running: Jevarus Howard, SC Dist. 19

By Jevarus Howard
Candidate, SC House Dist. 19

Hi, I’m Jevarus Howard. Here in District 19: I am a father, husband, combat veteran, and local business owner. With your support, I’ll be running to represent my community at the State House for District 19. 

I’m running as we are seeing and hearing a clear call for leadership. I want to ensure the call is answered. I want to ensure representation is in place to help EVERYONE take advantage of the growth. Fair and equal regardless of the party you vote for. 

I believe we have an opportunity to impact South Carolina’s education system, seeking enhancements that will allocate proper funds and strategies for our youth. Increasing pay for our educators who are not just teachers but mentors and leaders for our youth. I  believe we have a chance to build partnerships throughout the community focusing on economic development. Development that means small business support, entrepreneur encouragement and growth, as well as great job opportunities. I also believe it’s time to uplift our very important veterans and enhance our veterans affairs. Because I believe these things, I’ll fight to ensure they happen. 

It’s time for new leaders to step up. New leaders to take the responsibility and make the tough decisions for us all to thrive in this growing South Carolina. It’s time for a fresh new look of representation for citizens, business owners, and families.

I’ve spent my life serving. Serving our community and Country as a soldier, a local business owner, and a community volunteer. With your help, I’m asking for the opportunity to be your advocate in our State House for District 19.  Thank you for the opportunity and support. Join us as we accomplish this goal! 


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