Hao Wu, Senate Dist. 6

This is a continuing series offering our candidates the chance to talk directly to you about their reasons for running, policies, and objectives.

I’m sure you’ve heard Dwight Loftis approved McMaster’s decision for our schools to open without a solid plan to protect our students’ and teachers’ health and safety. Many Greenville students begin their first day of school next week and what we learned from neighboring schools is without responsible leadership, the catastrophic results affect the most vulnerable.​

Hao Wu

I’m Hao Wu, and I’ve ​served in the military from 2010 to 2014. Since leaving the Army in 2014, I have made the Upstate my home where I have built successful businesses and partnered with many nonprofits to advocate for veterans’ issues such as healthcare, education, and public infrastructure.

I fell in love with the values and opportunities to serve the community on many levels. ​Greenville provided a platform for my mission of service and investing in local businesses because helping others breaking down obstacles to achieve their dreams is a privilege.

I have kept up with the changing needs of my neighbors and their concerns and if we don’t elect responsible leaders, these issues will never change. I’m running for Senate District 6 because I’m passionate about ensuring All Greenvillians have the resources they need to improve their quality of life. ​

My background as an immigrant, biochemist, army veteran, and small business owner prepared me to be your champion. I am ready to serve as the next Senator from District 6. If you agree with ​a demanding high quality public education, an infrastructure system built to help you and your family thrive, and rebuilding our small business community as we work through the pandemic then I encourage you to visit my website at ​www.haotoserve.com​.

There are multiple safe ways you can support my campaign. It takes a village, and together we will make the American Dream a reality for all in Greenville.

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