2018 Greenville County Democratic Party County Convention Dates: TBD


2016 Greenville County Democratic Party County Convention

Keynote speaker: Mayor of Columbia, SC | Steve Benjamin


Delegates to the county convention will elect new county party officers at the convention on Monday, March 28.  Our incumbent County Chair, Eric Graben, our incumbent 1st Vice Chair, Shirley Scott, and our incumbent 2nd Vice Chair, Susan Cyr, have all indicated that they do not plan to seek re-election at the convention. All county offices are up for election at the county convention regardless of whether the incumbent is seeking re-election. County party officers need not be convention delegates, but only delegates may nominate and second the nominations of candidates for county party officers. 

Below are the offices to be filled and persons currently known to be seeking those offices:

•   Chair: Kate Franch 

•   1st Vice Chair (must be of a race different from that of the chair): Dexter Reaves

•   2nd Vice Chair (must be the gender opposite that of the chair): Grady Patterson

•   3rd Vice Chair (who must be under 30 years of age): Whitney Wright (incumbent)

•   Female State Executive Committee Member:  Ingrid Erwin (incumbent)

•   Male State Executive Committee Member: Christopher Shipman

•   Female State Executive Committee Alternate: Roxanne Cordonier (incumbent)

•   Male State Executive Committee Alternate: none declared 

•   Voter Protection Chair:  none declared

•   Delegate to State Convention Credentials Commi- tee: none declared

•   Delegate to the State Conventions Resolution Committee: none declared

By the end of the opening keynote address, anyone desiring to be a candidate for a county party office must have completed a form obtained at a the convention secretary’s table at the front of the meeting room indicating what office is sought, which delegate will make the nomination and identifying no more than two delegates who will second the nomination.  Prior to the election for each office that is contested, each candidate and his or her nominator and allowed seconds shall be afforded the opportunity to speak.  Each candidate’s nominator may speak for no more than two minutes, each candidate’s seconds may speak for no more than one minute each, and each candidate may speak for no more than three minutes.