GCDP Office Renovation

Anyone who’s visited our office in the past few years know that it’s been showing its age. So this year, with the help of some donors, many volunteers, and a fortuitous negotiation with our landlord, we decided to do some upgrades.

New floors (a swap with the landlord for a year of rent), a fresh coat of paint, a good cleaning from stem to stern, new plumbing (toilet and sink), a massive clean out, and mostly a rearranging of our furniture with a few small new pieces to fill in gaps.

The result is an updated, organized, and welcoming space where we hope you’ll stop by to visit.

We want to thank these volunteers for their time and efforts in making this happen. And a special shout out to 1st Vice Chair Ruth Todd who was the driving force that brought the whole project to fruition.

Lydia Freund
Laura Haight
Lucille Herwald
Michael Hood
Kinard Johnson
Anita LeBold
Janet Lomicka
Mark Lomicka
Sherry Marrah
Stacey Mars
Pete Martin
Paul Merlo
Ashley Newton
Evelyn Nocella
Hugh Owens
Susan Psimer
Ty and Taylor
Gail Thomas
Donnie Todd
Tina Valentin


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