GCDP Chair’s Statement on “Operation Chaos 2020”

Some offshoots of the Republican Party and the Greenville County Tea Party are calling on GOP voters to vote in this weekend’s Democratic Presidential Preference Primary, and to specifically vote for Bernie Sanders. The intent is described perfectly in the name the proponents have given it: Operation Chaos 2020. Here is a statement by GCDP Chair Kate Franch in response.

“In calling for voters to select a specific candidate for the purpose of disrupting Saturday’s primary, Operation Chaos 2020 is engaging in interference in a free and fair election.  

“They are undermining and dishonoring the very right to franchise that they claim to want to protect.  Elections are not games.  

“Democrats believe in the right to directly choose our representatives and welcome any voter to participate in the democratic process we champion.  Every voter should carefully select the candidate who most closely reflects his or her values with the knowledge that that candidate can ultimately win the seat.  

“Your vote is your voice – it should not be wasted or debased.”

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