February 2021 Donors

Thank you to those who donated to the GCDP in February. We are grateful for your support.

Recurring Donors

Leila Aziz, Phil Beckwith, Christina Belge, Kathleen Bitsura, Ruth Burley, David Cross, Cynthia Gibson, Cindy Henry, John Hester, Woodrow Hill, Jeanette Jacobs, Kinard Johnson, Sharon Klompus,, Nadia Land-Greene, Janet Lomicka, Paul Merlo, Ashley Newton, Evelyn Nocella, Becky Owens, Susan Riordan, Diane Schultz, Amy Sutherland, Jeanmarie Tankersley, Ruth Todd.

Monthly Donors

Lillian Brock Flemming, Emily Webb

In-Kind Donors

Pete Martin, TechGraphics

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