Education and empowerment top GCDBC agenda

By Whitney Wright
Vice Chair, Greenville County Democratic Black Caucus

In March 2021, the Greenville County Democratic Black Caucus hosted a virtual forum entitled, ‘Black Girl Magic: Greenville.’ During this event, Moderator and then-GCDBC Secretary Whitney Wright interviewed featured panelists on issues that are most pressing to black women today. Panelists included Dr. Sarina Brown (NP) on health and wellness, Rep. Chandra Dillard on education and legislation, Rashida Jeffers-Campbell on STEAM careers, and Tiffany Santagati-Simpson on Banking and Personal Finances. Anyone can see the recording from this forum, here.

The April 2021 ‘Fireside Chat’ that took place between GCDBC Chair Kwadjo Campbell and NAACP-Greenville Chapter President Rev. JM Flemming, on the influence of the Black church with regards to voter engagement, was enlightening and forced those watching to consider more extreme measures with regard to delivering messaging for empowering communities and constituents alike. The recording of this session can be viewed here.

May 2021 brought a discussion on Equal Pay for Women, again moderated by GCDBC Secretary Whitney Wright, and included perspective on legislation in-process, statistical data, and support for bills that have been presented, from Rep. Wendy Brawley, Rep. Chandra Dillard. and Courtney Thomas, Director of Communications at the SC Women’s Rights Empowerment Network (WREN). One can watch this conversation by clicking the link, here.

June’s Monthly General Membership meeting again took place virtually through Zoom on the 17 and was led by GCDBC Black Agenda Education Chair Stacey Mars. This month’s focus was on Criminal Justice Reform and Economic Development in Greenville and the recording was broadcast via FaceBook LIVE! but you can see it at online here.

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