DWGC putting your donations to work

Become a member and you’ll be helping get Democrats elected!

By Lee Turner
President, DWGC

At our May meeting, the Democratic Women of Greenville County handed contributions totaling $1100 to three Democratic candidates and the GCDP.

In the past, we have not made contributions to candidates until they became the nominee. The thought being maintaining impartiality until then. Makes sense but many good candidates never received any support from the party or the DWGC and came away feeling as much.

But we are changing our approach. We want to encourage candidates to step forward and recognize the effort it takes to do so. In our meeting this week, we awarded $200 each to City Council at-large candidates Dorothy Dowe and Lindsey Jacobs, and to District 19 candidate Carrie Counton. We also contributed $500 toward the office operations of the Dem Party HQ in Greenville knowing that HQ provides a valuable operational base for many candidates’ activities.

What does this mean to you? It means when you officially join the Democratic Women of Greenville County, you will get your money’s worth.

We have many dues-paying members included in our ranks, either receiving our monthly newsletter or a member of our FB page. Conversely, we have many (100’s!) who have not yet chosen to officially join the Democratic Women of Greenville SC. (And yes, we love men members too!)

Why? So glad you asked!

In many cases membership dues of an organization do little more than cover administrative expenses of the group. Quite the opposite in the case of the DWGC. We have worked hard to make sure our meetings pay for themselves and that other admin expenses are minimal, meaning virtually 100 percent of your $25 annual membership dues are available to support candidates for office and other worthwhile community projects!

I am certain with a thriving membership base and one good fundraising event each year (we’re cookin’ up a fun one now!), we can double or triple the contributions we as a group have made in prior years.

Join the DWGC and let us put your money to work.

Caption: GCDP chair Kate Franch receives $500 contribution from DWGC president Lee Turner. Photo: Ruth Todd Photography

Be the change you want to see: Help the party with a much-needed donation or volunteer to help!