Dem Women: Diverse, dedicated, and dynamic

By Mary Wright
President, Democratic Women of Greenville County

As I began this year as your president, I gathered a vibrant team of women to serve as chairs on our board. The DWGC is currently run by a group of deeply passionate and wildly talented women. This team has enabled us to advocate, volunteer, network, give back to our community, meet, and socialize together. And it shows! Our membership is growing by leaps and bounds.

I am pleased to introduce to you our 2021 chairs who serve alongside your elected officers. Please join us in welcoming them to our leadership team!

  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee – Tonjalyn Cokley
  • Ways and Means – Helen Nixon & Sadie Carter
  • Legislative – Linda Hardman
  • Political Action – Recruitment – Susan Riordan
  • Publicity & Public Relations – Lucille Herwald
  • Events Planning/Luncheon – Emily Webb

Here are some brief highlights of our accomplishments since the beginning of the year.

Your leadership team jumped right in and has actively been providing learning and enlightening programs for our monthly membership meetings, kept you abreast of legislative issues daily, has actively supported campaigns of local candidates for elected office while identifying ways for us to serve on local Boards and Commissions. When it comes to the latest news and events to watch for, our newsletter and publicity team strive to keep members well informed and up to date.

Right now, the Ways and Means team is hard at work planning fundraising and special events for this year and beyond. Soon, we will hear more about what events they have planned for us.


As more people are vaccinated and the possibility of COVID-19 is diminishing, we see the possibility of coming together, in person, sometime this fall. As many of you are aware, it looks like the Westend Community Center is no longer available and is set for demolition in the next few months. As we prepare for in-person monthly membership luncheons, the Kroc Center of Greenville has graciously worked with us to make this a reality. When it is safe, we plan to begin our luncheon meeting at the Kroc Center on Westfield Street!


In January, our leadership team made the decision to update/revise our governing Bylaws. It was time…and to accomplish this, a very dedicated committee was formed to revise our document. After months of hard work, they have completed the revisions and will present the document to membership for approval very soon. Members will receive the revised Bylaws in their email or by mail. Please complete the form, vote, and return prior to our next membership meeting on June 14th.


The 2022 elections are just a stones’ throw away! Today, we are actively participating in GCDP activities, voter registration and other grassroots initiatives. A newly formed committee will be heading up our advocacy and activism efforts. If you feel passionate about helping us build stronger ties in our community and grassroots initiatives, PLEASE JOIN US!

Be the change you want to see: Help the party with a much-needed donation or volunteer to help!