Chair’s April Message: YOU will make the Blue Wave happen

With a slate of candidates hoping to be elected to office in November now in place, our attention turns to the hard work of campaigning, educating, registering, and activating voters, says GCDP Chair Kate Franch in her monthly message.

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Fellow Democrats,

Filing for the 2018 ballot is complete – we have a slate of candidates.  In Greenville County, we’ll have Democratic primary contests to determine the sole nominee for five offices:  the Third and Fourth Congressional Districts, governor, and SC State House Districts 19 and 25. With congressional and statewide offices on the ballot, all county residents should mark their calendar to vote on Tuesday, June 12 (the runoff election, if needed, is Tuesday, June 26).

Filings for office (primary contests are bolded):

  • Governor/Lt Governor: Phil Noble, James Smith, Marguerite Willis/John Scott
  • Secretary of State: Melvin T. Whittenburg
  • State Treasurer – Rosalyn L. Glenn
  • Attorney General – Constance Anastopoulo
  • State Superintendent of Education – Israel Romero
  • US House District 3 – Hosea Cleveland, Mary Geren
  • US House District 4 – Brandon P. Brown, JT Davis, Eric Graben, Will Morin, Doris Lee Turner
  • SC House District 10 (Anderson, Pickens, Greenville) – Lucy Hoffman
  • SC House District 17 – Judi Buckley
  • SC House District 19 – Carrie Counton, Hao Wu
  • SC House District 22 – BK (Bruce) Brown
  • SC House District 23 – Chandra Dillard (incumbent -2008)
  • SC House District 25 – Leola Robinson-Simpson (incumbent-2012), Jack Logan, Bruce Wilson
  • SC House District 35 (Spartanburg, Greenville) – Helen Pendarvis
  • Greenville Probate Judge – Debora A. Faulkner (incumbent)
  • Greenville County Council District 19 – Jevarus Howard
  • Greenville County Council District 23 – Xanthene S. Norris (incumbent)

The Blue Wave will happen only if each of us is engaged.  You can get to know the primary candidates so that your vote is an informed one by attending (or organizing) meet and greets, debates, and forums and tracking candidates through  The GCDP has set up a candidate profile page on our website with contact information and links to resources (  Be sure to remind family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers of the importance of voting in primary elections as the first step to electing Democrats to office in 2018.  

You should also consider volunteering for and making contributions to primary and general election candidates’ campaigns.  Running for office is not a solitary effort – success depends on the combined efforts of committed supporters.

In addition, it’s time to begin making plans for how you’ll assist with the June 12 Primary election.  As in the past, we’ll need volunteers to help drive voters to the polls, including during the absentee voting period, and to work at Headquarters on Election Day priorities.  If you’re already in our volunteer database, thank you. If you aren’t and are willing to help, please sign up online, email or call to let us know.

In solidarity,


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