We are being noticed

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By Kate Franch
Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party

As the 2020 election season gets rolling, candidates and pundits are looking at the role Greenville County will play.

They are curious and expectant about what we will do in terms of engagement and turnout of Democratic voters. Rightfully so. With the third highest number of primary voters in the state, we are a huge piece in the puzzle of South Carolina politics.

So how do we fulfill our potential?  The answer is really pretty simple. You’ll typically hear me ask everyone to “do one thing” every year.  But with so much at stake for our cities, county, state, and nation, I’m upgrading to asking for two commitments from you in 2019 and 2020:

    DONATE: Everything you want the party to do, from promoting our Democratic values to educating voters and getting them to the polls to recruiting and backing candidates, is directly dependent on contributions. As a fully volunteer-run organization, every cent the GCDP receives goes to fulfilling our mission.  The more we have in our bank account the more we will do. Truly, no amount one gives is too small. If everyone who receives this newsletter gives $25, we can fund our daily operations, run a more expansive marketing campaign, and provide significant support to candidates. (Not everyone will answer this call, so if you are able to give more, please consider doing so!)  Our success is in your hands . . . or more specifically, your wallet. greenvilledemocrats.com/contribute


There are many ways to give of your talents, skills, hearts, and hands. Here are a few:

Work on a campaign.  Whenever a Democrat is on the ballot, we help him/her to get elected regardless of whether or not we live in that district.  Each blue win helps to equalize the balance of power in our legislative bodies and improves the likelihood that the important issues are prioritized and addressed fairly, respectfully, and for the good of all citizens. Right now, Tina Belge is running in the SC Senate District 6 special election. She needs you. (tinabelge.org/join)  In the fall, there will be elections in each city in Greenville County.  Democrats will run on a partisan ticket for Greenville City Council seats but also in nonpartisan races in the other municipalities, and we’ll rally to work for all of them.  2020 will then be right around the bend.

Get involved in your precinct. Connecting with fellow Democrats on a neighborhood and community level strengthens our ability to organize quickly and effectively and results in a better informed and empowered electorate. Well-developed precincts should be the fulcrum of political success.  They help like-minded neighbors to find each other and confirm just how widespread we in fact are. Participate as you can – attend precinct meetings or step up to precinct leadership – you can make a tremendous difference right in your backyard. Email for more information.

Help the GCDP meet a specific goal.  Our volunteer coordinator, Paul Merlo, has a list of opportunities focused on organizational needs such as voter education, fundraising, and communications.  Your talents and skills could be a perfect match! You can reach Paul at volunteer@greenvilledemocrats.com.

So, wear your Democrat label proudly (you’ll now, more often than not, find another blue someone in the room).  And help the GCDP to fully achieve its potential. Because . . . we are stronger together and, together, we can ensure that everyone, no matter his or her start in life, can have a fair shot at the American Dream.

In solidarity,


Be the change you want to see: Help the party with a much-needed donation or volunteer to help!