Celebrate the Good


By Kate Franch
Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party

Fellow Democrats,

Thank you to everyone who helped with the 2017 Greenville campaigns! We saw long-time Democrats and new friends, across all age groups and communities, unite with a common goal of electing progressive and responsive local leaders. The result in the Greenville City Council race was a 17.5% voter 09 turnout that exceeded expectations and ultimately made the difference in the outcome. This is what we can accomplish when we build and strengthen relationships around shared objectives!

Locally and throughout the state, the Democratic Party is poised to grow in number and influence if we honor our “big tent” commitments to inclusivity and empowerment, and remain focused on strategy and implementation. In 2018, we will re-organize at the precinct level, refresh our platform at county and state conventions, and elect leaders and representatives to local, state, and federal offices. You will play an important role in continuing to fuel the resurgence that has taken shape over the past year.

“How?” you might ask.

  • Commit to being an active member of your precinct starting with attending your precinct reorganization meeting on Saturday, January 20, 2018.
  • Wear being a Democrat “on your sleeve” – share thoughts, reactions, ideas overtly; invite friends, coworkers, neighbors to a Democratic group meeting; display a GCDP magnet on your car!
  • Attend a city or county council or school board meeting to learn about the issues facing our communities and share your perspective with your elected officials.
  • Apply for a local board or commission seat to ensure that Democratic values are incorporated into local policy.
  • Get to know the 2018 Democratic Party candidates, vote in the primary election next June, and volunteer for or support a campaign.
  • Financially support the GCDP so that we can continue to have a visible profile by providing campaign and meeting space and resources (copier, phones, mailing lists) at our headquarters office; communications such as The Bray, emails, notices, and website; and organizational events such as the monthly breakfast, informational forums, conventions, candidate development sessions, etc.

2018 can mark a true turning point – your ideas, energy, and commitment can create the progressive South Carolina we all seek. Let’s pledge to not allow the divisiveness and destruction of the Republican leadership in Washington to discourage, distract, or deter us.

Thank you for being engaged and hopeful – we ARE stronger together!

Be the change you want to see: Help the party with a much-needed donation or volunteer to help!