Camden Johnson candidate statement

My name is Camden Johnson and I am here to ask for your support as I aspire to become the next 3rd Vice Chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party.

Young Americans today were born in the information age and live a large part of their lives online. They are more plugged into current events through technology than any other generation before them. They’ve shown the world their passion and their voice, demanding greater accountability from our leaders and policies that invest in people first. But unfortunately, much of this energy has been used fighting battles behind screens.

My hope is to harness that energy and transform it, by capturing the ideals these young Americans are passionate about and bringing them to the forefront of our leadership to present a progressive platform that invests in the future of Greenville. I want to bring their passion and energy into our party in order to promote and advocate for issues that are important to voters in Greenville and build better opportunities for their future with policies that invest in these young people, such as adopting a $10 minimum wage, sustainable and affordable housing in Greenville’s explosive housing market, protecting the environment and conserving the natural treasures that define the Upstate, bridging the gap in SC’s history of racial equality, enabling the continued economic growth along the I-85 corridor while ensuring that growth provides economic justice for all, harnessing that growth to improve resources for our schools, continuing to invest in the growth of Greenville’s prominent small business market with focus on the arts and displaying the local culture, and a safe haven for LGBT equality in the upstate.

I may not have been born in Greenville, but it has become my home. From my time at Clemson University organizing student groups to working closely in churches and outreach programs around Greenville, I have seen what the young people of Greenville have to offer and I believe that as 3rd Vice Chair I can engage with them to bring their energy and passion to the table to keep Greenville growing towards a bright future.

To learn more about me and what I want to do as 3rd Vice Chair, please go to, or contact me by phone or email.  Thank you for your consideration.

Camden Johnson
Candidate for 3rd Vice Chair
Greenville Democrats
(864) 653-0968

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