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Our Mission

The Greenville County Democratic Party (GCDP) is the local branch of the state and national Democratic Party. We share our party’s values, including a commitment to equal opportunity for all Americans, promoting economic growth, improving public education, protecting the environment, making health care affordable for all Americans, and keeping America strong at home while restoring its standing abroad.

What Democrats are talking about

Everything to you need to know to vote in the June primary.

See the slate of Greenville County candidates running for federal, state, and local office in 2020.

Watch candidates introduce themselves and their campaigns at the GCDP Virtual Breakfast.

Meet the new GCDP leadership team, led by Chair Eli Valentin.

A conversation with Rep. Chandra Dillard

Judi Buckley, DWGC member, former Senator in Guam,  and 2018 State House candidate, interviewed District 23 Rep. Chandra Dillard for the DWGC’s new “Interview Series”.” Below are the highlights of their conversation, which was conducted by telephone. JB: I know you work for Furman in addition to being a State House Rep for District 23, […]

GCDP May Breakfast

Voter protection was on the table at the May breakfast where Shaundra Young Scott, the SCDP’s voter protection director, was the guest speaker at the May breakfast. Voter protection, mail-in voting and strategies for November’s hotly contested election were discussed. Also on tap was an opportunity to hear from the new GCDP leadership. 

Fighting COVID requires we act as a community while leaders seek to divide

By Kim Nelson Two years ago, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted a day-long exercise simulating a pandemic involving a moderately contagious and moderately lethal flu-like novel respiratory virus. The goal of the exercise was to provide an experiential learning opportunity for decision-makers in the Trump administration. The fictional president, modeled after Trump […]

Get your Pride on

June is LGBTQ Pride Month and we’re looking to hear your voices on what it means to you, to our community, or to our state. We’re inviting you to send us op-ed-type pieces that we will publicize throughout the month on our blog and social media. You may write it, speak it, or make a […]

What you need to know about the June 9 primary

By Kate Franch South Carolina voters do not register by political party, and South Carolina is an open primary state.  This means that a registered voter may choose in which political party’s primary election to participate.  You may vote only one party’s primary ballot during each primary election cycle. When voting in-person absentee or at […]

The Advocacy Challenge

Call your reps to demand mail-in voting in November So many of us want to make a difference. We have things to say. Issues to stand up for. Wrongs to speak out about. And most of us do that on social media. While that’s a great personal outlet, it does little to sway the opinion […]

Be bolder, work harder, to turn the red tide to blue

By Eli ValentinChair, GCDP Greenville Democrats,  Our collective strength as Democrats comes from our commitment to others, knowing how each of us can have an impact on someone else in our community. I hope you and your families are staying healthy and safe by practicing social distancing, washing your hands thoroughly, wearing masks when you […]

A Conversation with Jaime Harrison

Democratic Women of Greenville County had originally scheduled Jaime Harrison to be the speaker at their May meeting. That turned into a virtual meeting. Here’s a recorded video for those who missed it. Note that there was a several minute gap where a technical problem occurred. That section has been edited out of the video. […]

A return to the basics

By D. Lee TurnerPresident, TWGC It’s easy to get bogged down in today’s world of diversion and deflection. At times, I find myself paralyzed by confusion until I have a moment of clarity when I remind myself, “Get back to the basics of bridge building and mutual benefit!” It works. Here’s what I mean. When […]

Meet the 2020 Greenville County candidates

The first GCDP Virtual Breakfast was an opportunity to spotlight each of our candidates running for federal, state, or local offices. Watch the video to hear each candidate introduce themselves and talk of their campaign objectives. To get more information on the candidates and find ways to get in touch with them, see our 2020 […]

All hands needed on deck to support expansion of mail-in voting, fight suppression

By Kate Franch GCDP, Chair I was wrong last month.  Due to the delay of the county convention and shift to a mail-in ballot, I have one more chair’s message to share after all.  I want to use it to focus attention on an issue that must get critical, timely attention over the next couple […]

Jonathon Sweeney candidate statement

I am running for 3rd Vice Chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party for several reasons. One of them is that we have major work to do. I am capable, qualified, and have the track record to complete this work. In times like these, we need leaders that are not only willing but are capable […]

Will Morin candidate statement

Good day,  You may remember me from 2017-2018 when I sought our party’s nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives here in the 4th Congressional District with great success in community outreach and fundraising. During my campaign, I fought against the effects of institutionalized racism and access while cultivating stronger ties to business and non-profit leaders […]

Hang To candidate statement

My name is Hang To. I am running for Alternate Executive Committee Female. I came to America as a refugee in 1975 from Vietnam. I graduated from Clemson University with an engineering degree. I worked as industrial engineer for JP Stevens then worked at Charleston Naval Shipyard as a health physicist. When the shipyard was […]

Roman Gasca candidate statement

Greetings everyone, I’m Roman Gasca, and I’m running for executive committeeperson. I would like to first and foremost thank everyone for reading our candidate statements and taking the time to learn about us so that you can make your vote.  If there’s anything that I’ve learned the last few weeks during this pandemic, it’s how […]

Eric Graben candidate statement

I am Eric Graben, and I am running for Alternate Male State Executive Committee Representative.  I have been involved in the Democratic Party in South Carolina for over a decade, and I am running to use my experience and connections to strengthen Greenville’s voice in the State party and help get Democrats elected in South […]

Eli Valentin candidate statement

My name is Elias Valentin II, though most of you know me as Eli!  I’m excited to share with you my vision for our Party and the experience I will bring to serve you as Chairman. Through my personal journey, my activism to strengthen the local party, and my deep, meaningful connections across the state, […]

Camden Johnson candidate statement

My name is Camden Johnson and I am here to ask for your support as I aspire to become the next 3rd Vice Chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party. Young Americans today were born in the information age and live a large part of their lives online. They are more plugged into current events […]

Katy Lentz candidate statement

Hey, fellow Democrats. First and foremost, thank YOU for your dedication to the GCDP and being a delegate! I wanted to announce that I am re-running for the Greenville County Executive Committeewoman. While I wish I had time to explain my reasons in person, I will do my best here. I’ve been involved in the […]

Ruth Todd candidate statement

I am Ruth Todd, and I would love to be your 2nd Vice Chair of the GCDP. I have been very active in the Democratic Party all my life, and since moving to Travelers Rest in 2015, I have gotten more involved locally.  Soon after moving, I joined the Democratic Women of Greenville County (DWGC) […]

Ruth Todd candidate statement

I am Ruth Todd, and I would love to be your 1st Vice Chair of the GCDP. I have been very active in the Democratic Party all my life, and since moving to Travelers Rest in 2015, I have gotten more involved locally.  Soon after moving, I joined the Democratic Women of Greenville County (DWGC) […]

Jarrod Wiggins candidate statement

Greetings, Democrats! I’m Jarrod Wiggins and I am running to be your next Chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party. I come to the table with experience managing political campaigns; working for both the Party and campaigns; hosting a liberal-leaning podcast with an audience across the state; and serving on several non-profit boards that allow […]

Paul Merlo candidate statement

I was 7 years old in 1968 and lived in a working class family who talked and debated intelligently and thoughtfully about the events in our nation: Civil Rights, Vietnam, and Nixon!. Even then, I knew the idea of the United States that I was learning about in school and church, and which inspired me, […]

Shadae Boakye-Yiadom candidate statement

My name is Shadae Boakye-Yiadom and I’m a recent University of Michigan graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and minors in German Studies and computer science. I was born and raised in NYC, but moved to South Carolina to start my first full-time job at BMW Manufacturing in Spartanburg, where I currently work […]

Carrie Counton candidate statement

In 2017, during many cookouts, driveway chats and Swamp Rabbit Trail walks, my neighbors and I collectively realized that our State House Representative (a Republican that had been in office for 22 years) needed an opponent.  And that opponent would be me. In November of 2018; the seat wasn’t won, but we moved forward and showed […]

Christopher Smith candidate statement

Dear Fellow Democrats, During this unprecedented time in our history, I hope everyone is healthy and remaining safe and in their homes. I write to you as a candidate for 2nd Vice Chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party. You are probably asking yourself, who am I, why am I running, and why should you […]

Erica Edmondson candidate statement

My name is Erica Edmondson.  I’m running for the position of Third Vice Chair of the GCDP.  For the last few years, I have become increasingly involved in the local Democratic community, most recently serving as president of the Young Democrats of Greenville County.  In this role, I have learned both how important it is […]

Life in the time of COVID-19

By D. Lee TurnerPresident, DWGC I struggle to find the words to motivate and inspire this month, with our world on lockdown and the future uncertain. That said, I must reiterate that of which I am certain. The silver lining is always there. Always. OK. Just what are these silver linings in a world gripped […]

Sharon Garrett candidate statement

   My name is Sharon Garrett and I am running for the seat of 2nd Vice-President of the Greenville County Democratic Party.  I am a 1993 graduate of the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  I am currently a long-term substitute with Greenville County Schools.  I am a resident of Greenville […]

Anita LeBold candidate statement

My name is Anita LeBold and I am running for Alternate State Executive Committee Woman for the Greenville County Democratic Party (GCDP).   I have lived in Greenville County for over 30 years and have been involved in the GCDP and the Democratic Women of Greenville County (DWGC) for over 20 years.  I currently serve as […]

Selecting new county leaders and SCDP convention delegates without convening

By Kate FranchChair, GCDP The biennial precinct reorganization is usually followed by a GCDP convention.  As you know, this year’s convention scheduled for March 30 was postponed due to the current health restrictions.  We are, however, bound by South Carolina election law and SCDP state party rules to conduct some business, namely election of GCDP […]

How to become a delegate to the national convention

Anyone wishing to run for a South Carolina delegate position to the DNC national convention in July must meet the following criteria: Voted in the February 29 presidential preference primary (will be confirmed through the SC Election Commission). Attended their precinct reorganization meeting in person and signed the sign-in form that has been returned to […]

Coronavirus update: Precinct Reorg

Status: SC declares emergency; precinct reorg meetings still on Many of you have called, texted, and emailed about the impact the coronavirus could have on our precinct reorganization plans. On Thursday evening, the South Carolina Democratic Party provided this statement:While many have asked if they can cancel precinct meetings, we know the situation will only […]

GCDP Chair’s Statement on “Operation Chaos 2020”

Some offshoots of the Republican Party and the Greenville County Tea Party are calling on GOP voters to vote in this weekend’s Democratic Presidential Preference Primary, and to specifically vote for Bernie Sanders. The intent is described perfectly in the name the proponents have given it: Operation Chaos 2020. Here is a statement by GCDP […]

Be the change you want to see: Come to precinct reorganization

Come to precinct reorganization meetings on March 14 and be a change maker in your community. Find your meeting here.

Womens’ March 2020

A relentless, cold rain fell all day, but that didn’t stop several hundred Greenvillians from participating in the 3rd Annual Womens’ March. Watch our video for some inspiration and listen to the remarks of closing speaker former presidential candidate and past governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick on Soundcloud. <

What you need to know about the Democratic Primary Election

The Democratic Presidential Preference Primary will be held on Saturday, Feb. 29. From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Absentee voting in person is available for voters who meet one of 16 very broad criteria. Everyone over 65 is eligible to vote early. Absentee voting in person is at County Square, 301 University Ridge, Greenville. Enter […]

5 Greenville women make Emerge Class of 2020

Emerge SC has named its largest and most diverse class of future leaders for 2020. We are thrilled to have five Greenville women in this group. They are: Sarah Dant, Bajeyah Eaddy, Timicia Grant, Amanda McDougald Scott, and Mary Wright. We also want to add a shout out to the two Spartanburg members of the […]

Dealing with trolls on social media: Why we aren’t deleting them

By Laura Haight Politics has taken all of the fun out of social media. It’s hard to find the cute puppies, toddler birthday parties, and family reunions out there amongst all the memes and misinformation. And, yes, even factual news. The GCDP believes that part of our job is educating and engaging our constituents on […]

Lifelong Dem donates Kennedy/Johnson memorabilia to GCDP

Allen Grumbine recently donated a shadowbox of 1960 campaign memorabilia on JFK and LBJ to the GCDP. It is displayed in our office. We called Allen to find out more. Here’s what he told us. By Laura Haight Ten-year-old Allen Grumbine was completing a school assignment in February of 1960 when he wrote to the […]

Make a difference by getting involved with your local precinct

By Laura Haight On March 14, Democrats across the county will converge in libraries, schools, and community centers to reconnect, reorganize, and select new precinct leaders. Precincts are the smallest geographic political unit. Each one represents a group of about 2,000 residents and neighbors. There are 151 of them in Greenville County – the largest […]

Paul Guy wants greater citizen involvement in sheriff’s office

By ROXANNE CORDONIER Former Greenville County Sheriff’s Officer Sergeant Paul Guy is the only Democrat running for sheriff and will face off on March 10 against Hobart Lewis.  Guy wants to be the “people’s Sheriff,” vowing greater transparency and community involvement. He pledges to create a Citizen Review Board to hold the Sheriff’s office accountable. […]

The year we’ve been waiting for is here. Are we ready?

By Kate FranchGCDP Chair 2020.  It’s here.  Happy New Year!  Will it be a happy BLUE year? We are already off to a momentous start with an impeachment trial on tap, the abrupt breakdown of relations in the Middle East, and a local special election for sheriff.  2020 promises to be an exciting, probably exasperating […]

Putting the spin on it: Polish your messaging game

There are many words and many ways to say the same things. But choosing the right words – to inspire, engage, or activate voters – that’s an art. If you’re a candidate planning to – or hoping to – run for office, or someone interested in working on a campaign in a messaging role, the […]

Greenville on Impeachment Eve

Greenville rallied in support of impeachment and removal. Watch our video.

Spratt Issues Conference Agenda

The SC Democratic Party has released a detailed agenda for the Spratt Issues Conference in Greenville on Dec. 14.

Join three county parties for Lobbying Day in January

Join with three county parties and participate in Lobbying Day 2020.

Keep the GCDP in your giving plans

We are all being inundated with the holiday rush of charitable giving campaigns, the imploring of countless candidates, and – with Giving Tuesday upon us – a raft of emails from organizations doing important work. The Greenville County Democratic Party is a community organization doing important work as well. We fight for better schools and […]

This was US

If you are under 50, you don’t remember how we were before the EPA. There were no Superfund sites, rivers were unsafe to swim in and fisherman were warned not to eat their catch, ground water was undrinkable in many rural areas, and open dumping of hazardous waste was common place near unregulated manufacturing plants. […]

A great win for 2019; A building block for 2020

Congratulations to Dorothy Dowe, councilwoman-elect at-large, and Ken Gibson, councilman-elect in District 3, for victories that flipped the GOP-stronghold City Council to a Democrat majority. Hard work, community-focused candidates, hundreds of volunteers, and relentless voter engagement paid off. We had a very high turnout – an average of 18.2 percent, but as high as 33.7 […]

Here’s a plan: Invest $50 tax payout in schools

Can community activism help close the education gap in South Carolina. Lee Turner says it’s a start.

5 Upstate municipalities have non-partisan elections Nov. 5

Five Upstate municipalities have non-partisan elections on Nov. 5. Check the links for detailed information on your local elections and see polling place listings below for changes from your usual voting locations. Fountain Inn has elections for wards 2, 4, and 6: Greer will elect a mayor, seats in districts 1, 3, and 5, and […]

The road to turning the Upstate blue starts Nov. 5

By Kate FranchChair, GCDP “We matter.”  That was my response when a local reporter asked why Greenville would be the site of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to South Carolina earlier this month.  Democratic Party leadership greatly appreciates the faithful commitment of our true-blue active Democrats and voters as well as the opportunity inherent in the […]

Xanthene Norris honored in SC African-American History Calendar

Xanthene Norris, Greenville County councilwoman, education advocate, and diplomatic community leader, has been honored this year with inclusion in the annual South Carolina African American History Calendar. Published since 1989, the calendar is a publication of the state Department of Education with support from community and corporate partners. It recognizes and highlights African Americans in […]

Everything you need to know about 2019 municipal elections

Election Day is Nov. 5. Here’s everything you need to know to vote, including polling place changes, and voting on the new machines.

Why volunteering will be the coolest thing you’ve ever done

What wins elections? Field work, canvassing, phone banking, building relationships, talking to voters. All the stuff that volunteers do it. Feel part of the win and join us!

Can SC go blue?

Three coalitions are at work in the Upstate to identify, register, and engage young voters.

Local or national, politics is not a spectator sport

Candidate development coordinator Amanda McDougald Scott delivered these remarks at the GCDP September breakfast. By Amanda McDougald Scott Given the events this week, and the enormous responsibility we have from now until February 29, 2020, and then until November 2020, I want to briefly talk about courage this morning. There has been a lot of […]

¿Cómo puede ayudar a garantizar una elección libre y justa?

Read this post in English Amigos Demócratas, Tenemos dos metas esenciales para los próximos cinco meses:  1) animar a los votantes para que vayan a las urnas para la elección municipal el 5 de noviembre y para la elección presidencial primaria (para escoger a nuestro/a candidato/a Democrático/a) el 29 de febrero (Queremos que más gente […]

How can you help ensure a free and fair election?

Read this post in Spanish Fellow Democrats, We’ve got two essential goals over the next five months: 1) to get voters to the polls for the November 5 municipal election and the February 29 Democratic presidential preference primary in higher numbers than we’ve seen in recent years and 2) to make sure that our voices […]

State’s six-week abortion ban hearing

The state Senate’s Medical Affairs subcommittee had hearings last week on the “fetal heartbeat bill.” Your voice can still be heard if you send in testimony by Oct. 1.

Do we have to think of everything?

There are a lot of better ways to spend the state’s $61 million lottery windfall. Lee Turner turner thinks schools and teachers. What do you think?

Keeping track of candidate events isn’t an exact science

Keeping track of incoming presidential candidates is more cat-herding than exact science

All politics is local

Presidential candidates with offices in Greenville South Carolina is playing an important role in the campaign to be the Democratic Presidential candidate. Some candidates have already opened offices in Greenville to get closer to the voters, give their local operatives a home to work from, and a place to muster for canvassing and make phone […]

Meet Ron Cowan, the GCDP’s first Finance Director

Another in our series of post introducing you to the members of the GCDP management committee.

We say “Thank you” to Jil Littlejohn for her service

The GCDP will host a “thank you” reception for City Councilwoman Jil Littlejohn on Tuesday, October 1 from 6:15-8:15 pm at the David Hellams Community Center, 111 Spartanburg Street, Greenville, 29607. The youngest member on the council and one of two members of color, Jil has represented District 3 since January 2009. The decision not […]

Things are heating up: Get active on climate change

By Will Morin Public Affairs Coordinator The Climate Reality Project: SC Upstate Chapter The Climate Reality Project: SC Upstate Chapter is looking for a Campaign Leader — a strong, confident woman who understands that we have months, not years to take a stand on behalf of Mother Earth. We need someone who can use their […]

GCDP pledges fairness to all candidates

Read this post in Spanish By Kate FranchGCDP Chair Without a doubt, the 2020 election cycle is already upon us.   Not only are the presidential candidates in full campaign mode, but, as the weeks progress, prospective Democratic candidates for seats up and down the ballot are also expressing their intention to run.  Even more […]

El GCDP promete tratar justamente a todos los candidatos

The Democratic Party supports all candidates. Until the voters decide on a single candidate, we strive to treat everyone equally.

Greenville Rally to End Gun Violence Draws a Committed Crowd

The Upstate chapters of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense joined with chapters around the country to demand the Senate act on gun violence prevention measures.

7-Minute Guide to the Mueller Report

Fewer than 10 percent of us have read the Mueller Report (make that probably closer to 4%). But that’s OK because members of the GCDP Comms team have. This video guide walks through the most important things to know about Mueller’s findings including the three most egregious obstruction of justice incidences.

Canvass, phone bank, donate

Three steps to achieve three 2019 goals By Kate Franch Chair, GCDP Read this post in Spanish Can you believe that we’ve passed the midpoint of 2019 already?!  Thank you to all of the GCDP delegates, alternates, and guests who attended the jam-packed SCDP Dem Weekend last month.  What a weekend! It felt like the […]

High School Dems are stepping in and stepping up

High School Democrats are getting more and more active. And it’s making a big difference in campaign energy.

Solicitar el voto a domicilio, telefonear, donar

Tres pasos para lograr las metas de 2019 Read this post in English By Kate FranchGCDP Chair Estimados demócratas de Greenville: ¿Pueden Uds. creer que ya estamos a mediados de 2019?  Les doy las gracias a todos los delegados, los delegados alternos, y los huéspedes que asistieron al Fin de Semana Demócrata tan lleno de […]

Never again is right now

The past tends not to stay in the past, but to be relived in the present.

200 stand together and stand up against inhumane immigrant treatment

200 ralliers gathered at the US Immigration office in Greer to stand up against the treatment of immigrants.

Los voluntarios mostraron un espíritu impresionante de activismo durante la elección primaria

130 voluntarios se unieron para dirigir las elecciones primarias del ayuntamiento de 2019.

Emerging spirit of activism shone in 2019 city primary

130 volunteers pulled together to run the 2019 city council primary.

Ready to run?

A checklist if you’re thinking about running for office.

Emerge SC graduates 14 future leaders

Four Greenville County women are among the 14 future elected officials graduated in the Emerge SC class of 2019.

21 Candidate Voices

Listen to the convention speeches of 21 presidential candidates delivered at the South Carolina Democratic Convention on June 22. (Photos courtesy of Ruth Todd Photography)

The right words matter

Your Mom said it: There’s a right way and a wrong way to say things. Listen carefully as candidates make their words matter.

They also serve who only provide a bed

SC will be the eye of the political storm and lots of campaigns will be coming to town, bringing young campaigners need a place to stay. Can you help?

Huddle helps aspiring workers dress for success

Helping men and women move up in the workforce is a big part of helping people transition from crisis to stability. The GCDP Huddle has joined this effort as its June project, collecting business clothes.

Why primaries matter

GCDP Chair Kate Franch presented a compelling explanation of the importance of primaries. These comments were delivered at the GCDP-sponsored forum for Democratic At-Large candidates for City Council. Read more and watch the full forum video here. By Kate FranchChair, GCDP Since the filing period for (City Council At-Large) municipal election closed in March and […]

We need poll workers!

We’ve got a primary election coming up on June 11 for the Greenville City Council At-Large seat currently held by George Fletcher. Two candidates – Dorothy Dowe and Lindsey Jacobs – are vying to be the Democratic Party nominee to contest this seat in November. The City of Greenville is one of only a handful […]

Q&A with Paul Merlo on volunteering and impact.

This is another in our continuing series of Q&As with members of the GCDP. Management Team. Paul Merlo is the co-cordinator of volunteers for the party. A transplant from a blue-state background to a red-state reality, Paul brings decades of experience io the effort to turn South Carolina blue.

DWGC putting your donations to work

DWGC has reduced administration costs so membership dues and contributions can be used to support Democratic candidates and work in the community. We started giving it out this week. Learn more and join us!

Join GCDP Huddle to support veterans in May

In May, we join on Memorial Day, as a community and nation, to remember the many Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to create, secure and defend the United States of America. We also honor those currently serving in our nation’s uniform on Armed Forces Day. This month, The GCDP Huddle is supporting The LCpl Jordan Haerter Home for Transitioning Veterans, which is operated by […]

Dem messages and our candidates are working

This is happening, people! The democratic messages in the person of strong and attractive candidates are beginning to make a dent. Even in super red Greenville County..

Los mensajes dem y nuestros candidatos están trabajando

¡Esto está sucediendo, gente! Los mensajes democráticos en la persona de candidatos fuertes y atractivos están comenzando a hacer mella. Incluso en el condado de Greenville súper rojo ..

Help Wanted: Fence-Sitters

In her monthly message, Dem Women President Lee Turner praises those who open their minds to differing thoughts before landing on a side. They are the fence sitters.

Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam brings campaign to SC

By Judi Buckley Wayne Messam, mayor of Miramar, FL, who announced his bid for the 2020 Presidency on March 28th, came through the Upstate on Monday, April 8, to meet South Carolina voters. His first stop was in Spartanburg, then he met with about 15 Greenville residents and media at the Growler Haus Brewery for […]

SCDP gearing up for 2020 National Convention

2020 will be an exciting year for Democrats across the country. This time next year, we will be gearing up for the 2020 Democratic National Convention to select our Democratic candidate for President of the United States.   The SC Delegate Selection Plan draft has been adopted by the State Executive Committee, and it is now […]

Be deliberate and afraid of nothing

On Sunday, March 17, a hastily organized community event to express solidarity with New Zealand and with our own Muslim community following the massacre of in a Christchurch mosque was held in Falls Park. There were several speakers including Courtney Thomas, a community activist, a warrior for women who works for WREN (the Women’s Rights […]

Sometimes showing up is enough

By Lee Turner President, DWGC With all the events of the last week, to get my brain still enough to focus and write was a challenge. We live in a world where we’re subjected to a relentless battery of divisive language and tactics coming from our elected local, state and national officials. It’s designed to […]

Todo por Tina Belge

El mensaje de la Presidenta del GCDP, Kate Franch, a los demócratas de marzo de 2019, Bray se centró en las próximas elecciones especiales para la campaña del Senado 6 del estado, mientras también mira hacia las elecciones de 2020. También puedes leer este mensaje en ingles.

All in for Tina Belge

GCDP Chair Kate Franch’s message to Democrats from the March 2019 Bray focused on the upcoming special election for the state Senate 6 campaign, while also looking ahead to the 2020 election. You can also read this message in Spanish.

Moms Demand Action shows up to prevent gun violence

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is an activist organization that advocates to prevent gun violence. That includes fighting laws to loosen restrictions, while lobbying for common sense controls. This is one of an occasional series to spotlight the work of activist organizations in Greenville County that you can get involved with.

Presidential authors

It’s come to our attention that there are quite a few Democratic-leaning/leading book clubs in the Upstate. And we can also see from social media interactions that there is, as expected, a huge interest in presidential candidates. As it turns out nearly every currently declared presidential candidate has written a book. Here’s a look at […]

¡Atención!: Nos están tomando en serio.

Kate Franch escribe una carta a los demócratas todos los meses para su distribución en The Bray. Si desea obtener el The Bray, suscríbase aquí. Si desea leer o compartir el mensaje de Kate en inglés, haga clic aquí. Mientras la estación de elecciones empieza, los candidatos y los expertos en política están analizando el papel […]

We are being noticed

Kate Franch writes a letter to Democrats every month for distribution in The Bray. If you’d like to get the The Bray, subscribe here. If you’d like to read or share Kate’s message in Spanish, click here. By Kate Franch Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party As the 2020 election season gets rolling, candidates and pundits are […]

Amy Klobuchar: Stand your ground on core values, find common ground to solve problems

By Michael Roosevelt Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) began her appearance at the monthly GCDP breakfast on a rainy Saturday morning by observing that precipitation seems to be following her campaign everywhere, beginning with the “virtual snow globe” that accompanied the announcement of her candidacy two weeks earlier. Undaunted by Greenville’s foul weather, she dived into […]

Crunching the numbers

By Lee Turner President, Democratic Women of Greenville County I love math! Numbers tell a story and lead to informed solutions. (Gosh, you think we can convince our lawmakers of this??) Naturally one of my early thoughts was: “How are we doing?”, financially that is. For starters, I wanted to know if we were covering […]

Dorothy Dowe throws hat in the ring as municipal election season ramps up

Dorothy Dowe, an entrepreneur, education consultant and engineer, has announced her plans to run for the Greenville City Council. She will be running for the at-large seat currently held by first-termer George Fletcher. Dowe is a director of two educational consultant companies, Strategic Vectors Academic Planning and Consulting and Got Math?, companies she co-founded in […]

Women must be the agents of change in the fight over gun violence

Jennifer Wells is a career prosecutor who handles domestic violence and other violent crimes cases in the Upstate. She sees the results of gun violence every day. She spoke passionately about the toll gun violence takes in our state where domestic violence is frequent and guns are often a factor. These were her remarks.

Greenville community pulled together to help furloughed workers

There weren’t a lot of high points of the recent government shutdown, but there was one: the commitment of communities to help people in need. In the Upstate, many businesses and community organizations found ways to help furloughed employees get through a tough time. Here’s a shout out.

Tina Belge is on a mission to do good

Tina Belge is running for Senate District 6 – for the seat vacated by now Congressman William Timmons. What makes Tina tick? Public service. What makes Tina run? The desire to do better for the entire community. 

Ética, educación, organización de base es lo que cambiará el panorama político

Kate Franch escribe una carta a los demócratas todos los meses para su distribución en The Bray. Si desea obtener el The Bray, suscríbase aquí. Si desea leer o compartir el mensaje de Kate en inglés, haga clic aquí. Estimado/a amigo/a demócrata, Feliz Año Nuevo, ya que estamos en pleno 2019.  Estamos a la mitad del […]

Ethics, education, grassroots organizing are what will change the political landscape

Kate Franch writes a letter to Democrats every month for distribution in The Bray. If you’d like to get the The Bray, subscribe here. If you’d like to read or share Kate’s message in Spanish, click here. By Kate Franch Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party Somehow, but thankfully, we are at the midpoint of the current […]

We are Democratic Women; Hear Us Roar

Lee Turner is the new president of Democratic Women of Greenville County. What’s the next year going to look like under her leadership? Here’s a peak.

GCDP Voter Protection Chair: Want more fair elections? Vote Democratic

  This is another in our continuing series of Q&As with members of the Executive Committee of the GCDP. Jake Erwin is the voter protection chair for GCDP and SCDP. We asked him about the fairness and security of our elections.  Erwin is an attorney, a former public defender, who now has his own law […]

Tell Congress to Act: Refugees Are Welcome Here

On Jan. 3, 2019, “Do Your Job” rallies, marches, and protests were held in cities and towns across the country. It was the first day of the new Congress and voters had a message to deliver. In Greenville, one of the speakers was Furman professor Melinda Menzer, who addressed the history and legality of Trump’s […]

Medicaid work requirement endangers the most vulnerable

By Laura Haight Following through on an idea they first floated in April of 2018, South Carolina officials are proposing a job requirement as a prerequisite for Medicaid. The proposed rule change would require that clients prove they are working at least 80 hours per month or participating in job-training or volunteer activities. This makes […]

Should education funding be used to arm teachers?

“This or This?” is a series of posts on policy issues to draw the clear differences between the Republican administration and Democrats. This entry focuses on the intersection between gun control and education, particularly whether federal education funds should be used to arm teachers instead of educate kids.

Protecting pre-existing conditions offers clear choice

Healthcare is the number one issue among voters in this election. And it should be. Republicans who have taken no less than 75 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act or eviscerate its provisions have realized that this matters to Americans. And they are now trying to convince voters that they are all-in for protecting […]

Orange is the New Black star has shout out for upstate candidates

Danielle Brooks is a Greenvillian who still maintains residence here. She’s best known for her role as Tastee in Orange is the New Black. And she’s giving a lot of love to Dem candidates, particularly Helen Pendarvis for District 35 and Brandon Brown for Congressional District 4.

Kamala Harris fires up Greenville

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA, came to Greenville for a day of firing up Democrats and getting out the vote.

Jevarus Howard brings ideas and energy to Council run

This profile of Jevarus Howard, candidate for Greenville County Council District 19, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for. 

Draconian immigration policies draw sharp contrasts

“This or This?” Is a series of posts on policy issues to draw the clear differences between the Republican administration and Democrats. This entry demonstrates that recent policies restricting immigration and separating families as a deterrent negatively affect the US economy while having no impact on crime and violence in the country. It also flies […]

Big challenges, real solutions: Rosalyn Glenn on what it will take to get the job done

This profile of Rosalyn Glenn, Democratic candidate for State Treasurer, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for.

Mary Geren puts families and communities first as she takes on do-nothing Congress

This profile of Mary Geren, candidate for South Carolina Congressional District 3, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for. 

Helen Pendarvis’ Passion for Advocacy Fuels Her State House Run

This profile of Helen Pendarvis, candidate for State House District 35, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for. 

In a national disaster, leadership or laugh lines?

“This or This?” Is a series of posts on policy issues to draw the clear differences between the Republican administration and Democrats. This entry is on leadership and common values of caring for and supporting Americans in time of national disasters. Issue: On October 10, a category 4 hurricane named Michael slammed into Florida with winds […]

Businesswoman, teacher, rebel: Lucy Hoffman takes on politics

This profile of Lucy Beam Hoffman, candidate for State House District 10, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for. 

The rubber hits the road

It’s time for all good Dems to come to the aid of their party Dear Democrats, Midterm campaign season is in full swing and optimism is high! Did you see that an August Garin-Hart-Yang poll showed our gubernatorial candidate, James Smith, “narrowly trailing” his incumbent opponent by only four percentage points – within the poll’s […]

Public service and personal sacrifice forged Buckley’s drive

This profile of Judi Buckley, candidate for State House District 17, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for. 

Improving education is key to Counton’s run for State House

This profile of Carrie Counton, candidate for State House, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for. 

Brown focuses on higher education and healthcare as two key issues

This profile of Brandon Brown, CD-4 candidate, is one of a series on Democratic candidates running for office who are not currently incumbents, designed to help voters understand who they are and what they stand for. 

This or This?: Coal plants are back on the front burner

“This or This?” Is a series of posts on policy issues to draw the clear differences between the Republican administration and Democrats. This first entry is on the new proposal to increase coal-burning in the US. What do Democrats stand for: Clean air, healthy families, and investing in the future not the past.

You can help protect the vote in November

Read this post in Spanish By Kate Franch Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party Is my vote safe?  That’s one of the critical questions being asked today.  Not only are we in constant discussion about whether Democratic candidates will garner the votes needed to bring change to the State House and Congress, we are also becoming […]

Ud. puede ayudar a proteger el voto en noviembre.

Read this post in English By Kate Franch Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party ¿Está seguro mi voto?  Esa es una de las preguntas muy serias que se hacen hoy día.  No sólo hablamos de si los candidatos demócratas ganarán los votos necesarios para efectuar cambios en el Capitolio y en el congreso de la Carolina […]

What do you want to know about election security?

This infographic, courtesy of Verified Voting, answers a lot of questions.

SC voting machine vulnerabilities highlighted at LWV presentation

By Laura Haight GCDP Communications Coordinator Liz Howard, an attorney with the Brennan Center for Social Justice, and former Deputy Commission for Elections in the state of Virginia, warned that election security in South Carolina is at significant risk. Howard was speaking to a group of about 25 at an event organized by the League […]

Are new paper-backed voting machines in our future? Not so fast

By Jake Erwin Voter Protection Chair, South Carolina Democratic Party For many Americans, election integrity is a major concern. Given what has been learned about Russia’s attempted manipulation of our voting process (not to mention the blatant social engineering carried out to the benefit of our current president), it is easy to imagine a nightmare […]

Despite being outgunned, Dems had victories for women, environment in State House

By Erica Edmondson The early close of the legislative session this year – May 10th instead of early June – had many concerned that a shorter session would accomplish less. Nonetheless, there were several successes during the latest session.

Meet Cass Tyson

Cass Tyson is the alternate representative to the state executive committee. He’s also the leader behind the GCDP’s effort to grow our precinct leadership and activism. This is the third in a series of articles to get to know more about the party leaders and key volunteers.

How did immigration become today’s wedge issue?

“Straight Talk: Who Gets to be an American?”, a three-program series on immigration policy, our changing demographics, and the impact on society, has been announced by Furman University. Sponsored by Furman and OLLIE, the program will be held on Thursday evenings 6:30-8;30 PM beginning August 30 and concluding on September 13th in Shaw Hall, Younts […]

Democratic values are majority values

Are we a small group of blue dots swimming in a sea of red? Or are there many more blue dots out there than we think? The majority of Americans agree with Democratic stances of a number of key policies and issues. Those purple dots can find a home within the party if they were […]

¿Qué alimenta el éxito? Dinero

Read this post in English Estimados amigos demócratas: El día 26 de junio completamos el proceso de escoger a los candidatos para las elecciones de noviembre, 2018.  Tenemos que darles las gracias a todos los candidatos demócratas y a sus equipos que se han dedicado a participar en uno de los elementos fundamentales de nuestra […]

What fuels success? Money

Read this post in Spanish My Fellow Democrats, With the June 26 run-off behind us, we have completed the nomination process for our November 2018 Democratic slate!  Join me in thanking each of the candidates and their teams who have devoted themselves fully to participating in one of the foundational elements of our democracy:  qualified […]

Look to the lessons of the past to secure the future

A diverse cross-section of Greenville came together Saturday, June 30, to the Families Belong Together protest to call for an end to the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy and to demand fair, decent, and lawful treatment of all asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants. Among the many voices was Melinda Menzer, a Ph.D and professor of […]

Meet Jalen Elrod

Jalen Elrod is the first vice chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party and president of the Young Democrats of Greenville County. This is the second in a series of articles to get to know more about the party leaders and key volunteers.

Now the real work begins

Fellow Democrats, Are you amped up for Democratic victories in November?   The promising results of the June 12 primary election give us reason to be more optimistic than we have been in a while.  Locally, the blue wave in Greenville County doesn’t have to be a complete bomb (“massive” in surfer-ese) to make a […]

June 26 Primary Runoff rules

There will be a runoff election for Congressional District 4 between the two top vote getters Doris Lee Turner and Brandon Brown. The election will be June 26 and starting June 19 there will be absentee voting in person available for qualified voters. More info you need to know about the runoff: The runoff is […]

Where are the Upstate Democrats? All around you

It’s time for Democrats to know they are not alone in this red state. For each one who stands up and declares “I am a Democrat” there are others empowered to find their voice.

Primary polling location changes

We have talked about the Blue Wave, now we start it

Read this post in Spanish By Kate Franch, Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party Fellow Democrats, Thank you to the GCDP delegates and alternates who attended the SCDP State Convention in Columbia last month.  A rousing day was spent hearing from candidates from across the state and conducting business to shape the Party for the coming […]

Hemos hablado sobre Blue Wave; ahora lo comenzamos

Read this post in English By Kate Franch Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party Compañeros demócratas, Quiero decir gracias a todos que iban a la convención estatal el mes pasado. Pasamos el dia escuchando los candidatos de todas las partes del estado y haciendo decisiones para preparar el partido para el año entrante. Si usted no […]

Hispanic Alliance 2018 Summit

By Laura Haight Where do we want to be in five or 10 years? That’s the question the Hispanic Alliance asked the members and partners who participated in its 2018 Summit on Saturday to consider. The event, held at downtown’s Zen on Saturday May 19, brought together active members, community partners and residents, and students. […]

Meet Tina Belge

Tina Belge is the third vice chair of the Greenville County Democratic Party. This is the first in a series of articles to get to know more about the party leaders and key volunteers.

5 SC-4 candidates offer similar vision, differing strategies

By Erica Edmondson The five candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in SC-4 participated in an issue-focused forum organized by College Democrats of USC Upstate and the Spartanburg County Democratic Party on April 18. Roughly 100 attendees, many of them students, were in the audience for the event, which was moderated by political science professor […]

Long-time Democrat, first-time delegate

Lawson Wetli may be a newbie but she has jumped into activism with a passion. She’s a leader in From the Ground Up, Moms Demand Action Upstate, and active on countless issues. We asked if she would report on her perspective on the SCDP convention. She agreed. Here are her newbie’s impressions of the convention.

Chair’s April Message: YOU will make the Blue Wave happen

With a slate of candidates hoping to be elected to office in November now in place, our attention turns to the hard work of campaigning, educating, registering, and activating voters, says GCDP Chair Kate Franch in her monthly message.

Mensaje de la Presidencia en abril: USTED hará que suceda la ola azul

Read this post in English Compañeros demócratas, La presentación para la candidatura de 2018 ha terminado – tenemos muchos candidatos.  En el condado de Greenville, tendremos cinco concursos primarios democráticos para determinar el candidato nominado por el partido para la oficina: el tercer y el cuarto distrito congresional, gobernador, y los distritos 19 y 25 […]

Next steps for sensible gun laws

Activated by an army of high school students, millions of gun violence activists filled the streets of cities and towns across the country on March 24. That was exciting, but it was just the beginning. So what do we do now?

Willis tells Dem Women: I’m ready for a fight

Marguerite Willis addressed the April meeting of the Democratic Women of Greenville County, wrapping her gubernatorial goals in humor and storytelling. 

Gun control by the numbers: It may not be what you think

By Laura Haight Despite the growing demand for sensible gun regulations from both Republicans and Democrats, gun owners and NRA members, South Carolina legislators continue to promote dangerously lenient bills like SB 449. This bill would make it legal for anyone to carry a concealed weapon in public without ever taking a training class, without […]

2,000 march in student-led rally for gun control

By Laura Haight There was no concealing the message more than 2,000 protestors carried through the streets of Greenville on Saturday: Thoughts and prayers aren’t cutting it; the time has come for action on gun control. Armed with signs and led by a passionate team of students, the throng marched slowly chanting, “Hey, Hey, Ho, […]

Phil Noble brings ‘big and bold’ change campaign to Greenville

Calling the state government “broken and dysfunctional” and vowing to overhaul South Carolina’s failing education system not just “tinker around the edges”, gubernatorial candidate Phil Nobel promised to be a “big”, “bold”, agent of change. 

New party leadership elected at county convention

  Kate Franch was elected to her second term as county chair at the Greenville County Democratic Party’s biennial convention on March 1, 2018.

Moms Demand Action leads the way on Advocacy Day

The state senate has SB449, a bill permitting permitless carry, on the docket. While at the other end of the spectrum HB516 would try to end the Charleston Loophole that put a gun in the hand of Dylan Roof. Welcome to Advocacy Day 2018.

Statewide caucuses tackle community concerns

By Roxanne Cordonier If you’ve had any involvement in politics or just watch a lot of political commentary on TV, you’ve heard the word caucus, but may not have understood what the word means.

Young Dems learn grassroots organizing

Asha Marie is a member of the Young Democrats of Greenville County. She and 19 others attended the organizing training on Jan. 20. This is her report.

Change starts from the neighborhood up

By Kate Franch A version of this post appeared in The Greenville Journal on January 18, 2018 In the 2016 election, we all saw the power the individual voter wields. For Democrats, the aftermath has fueled a surge of resistance in the form of demonstrating, phone calling, and postcard writing. Those activities are compelling ways […]

Gubernatorial candidate talks education, diversity and ethics

“It’s not about big government vs. small government. It’s about smart government.” Rep. James Smith, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Rep. James Smith brought his “service above self” message to Greenville on Jan. 8 when he addressed the monthly luncheon of the Democratic Women of Greenville County. Introduced by the group’s president, Linda Hardman, as a “true […]

Redistricting priorities

Partisan gerrymandering is a real problem in South Carolina, and the League of Women Voters is taking action to educate voters and to encourage advocacy to reduce partisan and incumbent-protective gerrymandering, so that voters are choosing their representatives and not the other way around. That was the message from Lawson Wetli of the League of […]

County party steps up to activate more precincts

By Cass Tyson The talk of the town of late seems to be how to get more involved in politics. Among social circles and public protests, at chance meetings and large organizational events, people are abuzz about the dramatic turn of events in Washington, DC. The foreboding feeling of impending doom creates an extreme sense […]

Wanted: Democratic volunteers

By Nadia Land-Greene, GCDP Volunteer Coordinator This Fall’s successes at the ballot box were wonderful! Candidates all over America were elected thanks to the hard work of grassroots volunteers and strong boots on the ground effort. Our challenge now is to keep the momentum going for the 2018 elections and beyond. One person can’t do […]

Precinct Reorganization 2018

This post appeared in The Bray in January. Updated information on Precinct Reorganization including a step-by-step guide to getting involved appears here. ——– In accordance with state election law, the South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP) will re-organize in 2018, beginning at the precinct level. The SCDP has determined that the GCDP and all other county […]

Celebrate the Good

  By Kate Franch Chair, Greenville County Democratic Party Fellow Democrats, Thank you to everyone who helped with the 2017 Greenville campaigns! We saw long-time Democrats and new friends, across all age groups and communities, unite with a common goal of electing progressive and responsive local leaders. The result in the Greenville City Council race […]

Making a difference for 50 years

More than 200 guests came together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Democratic Women of Greenville County. South Carolina leaders joined the celebration with national political leaders including Jesse Jackson, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, sending video messages of congratulations.

Now is the time for sensible gun regulations

In this joint statement on the Las Vegas shooting, four Upstate county Democratic Party leaders, led by Kate Franch, demand ‘more than thoughts and prayers’ to stem senseless violence across the U.S.

Fundraising crucial component of election success

Join us in meeting our $10,000 fundraising goal by Oct. 30, 2017, to support local candidates in November, and prepare for state and federal races in 2018.

Summer interns have a lasting impact

Our group of interns had a full plate this summer with special elections, resistance, Planned Parenthood and more.

The Bray newsletter for September 2017 is out

The Bray, September 2017 edition, is out.

How will you help mobilize Democratic voters for November elections?

With several Democratic seats facing challenges in November, it is imperative that we educate and inform voters and then get them out to the polls. County Chair Kate Franch asks how you will help us win these crucial seats in November? 

May 2017 GCDP Chair Message

“Time has come today Young hearts can go their way Can’t put it off another day And I don’t care what the others say ‘Cause they say we don’t listen anyway . . . Time has come today, Hey! The rules have changed today, Hey! . . . Now the time has come, Time! There […]

Press Release: Greenville County Democratic Party Chair, Kate Franch, Statement Regarding the House Passage of the AHCA

GREENVILLE, S.C. (May 4, 2017) – Today is a disappointing day to be an American. Both of Greenville County’s U.S. Representatives, Trey Gowdy (SC-4) and Jeff Duncan (SC-3), voted to pass the AHCA; i.e., Trumpcare. “We’re incredibly discouraged to see both of our county’s congressional leaders pass a bill that pushes over 120,000 residents of […]

Changing our website? Done. Changing our US Rep? In Progress…

Well, it’s happened. We’ve heard from many of you that our former website was challenging, tough and incomplete. But good news- we’ve launched our updated website and we hope you’re just as excited as we are! This new site has a cleaned up navigation bar, larger images, an easy-to-use calendar feature (the premier calendar of […]

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