2020 Democratic National Convention

Without being there, this will be a personal, collaborative experience

The balloons, the music, the fanfare, speeches, confetti, and the palpable excitement could come through the TV set. Most of us have never been to a national Democratic convention, but we have felt the enthusiasm they generated. So how can we have a convention when even delegates are encouraged not to attend?

The DNC says: ‘Yes, we can!’ Not only can we have one, but maybe in some ways, it can be better. The national committee is calling this a “Convention Across America..” In building in collaborative pieces, they’ve also opened up elements of the convention that most of us never see.

We don’t usually get to see the Platform Committee as it works through the drafting of our 2020 guiding principles. But not only can you watch it (allow 3+ hours!), you can comment on it.

Throughout the convention website, there are places where you can add your voice to tell your story, share your comments on our presumptive nominee, Joe Biden,tell your story of aspiration, or share what makes you proud to be a Democrat.

It’s all part of a digital engagement campaign that encourages Democrats to add their voices and opinions to the conversation.

Don’t worry if you aren’t tech savvy. The party has partnered with Countable and made it pretty easy to record and upload your comments using whatever device is in front of you – phone, tablet, or computer. Visit stories.demconvention.com to see what they’re doing.

You can also contribute and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Be the change you want to see: Help the party with a much-needed donation or volunteer to help!